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How Does Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius Expand You in 2021

June 18, 2021

Perhaps, by now, you may be starting to like the retrograde energies since we have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius back in April and May, respectively. Now, it is Jupiter’s time to retrograde. It will last for about 4 months. We have to be friends with these energies to help you grow, expand, and transform. …

Cancer Season in 2021: Be Sensitive & Supportive

June 13, 2021

Happy Birthday, Cancerian  Summer is here! Let the sunshine in and bask in the sun. I can’t believe that six months have gone so quickly in 2021. Now, we are in Cancer season. It begins on June 20th and lasts until July 20th for 30 days. And, summer equinox happens to be the next day,…

Mars in Leo 2021

June 8, 2021

Good news! A blue sky is here after the storm.  Mars is meeting Leo on June 11th, on the next day of the New Moon in Gemini (Lunar Eclipse), and it stays in this fiery sign until July 29th for 7 weeks. With the help of Gemini, we may feel enthusiastic about pursuing the idea and…

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EYW129: How Emiko Rasmussen Overcame the Language Barrier in USA

September 30, 2016

In this episode Emiko Rasmussen will share how she overcame the language barrier when she came to US and eventually embraced the English language.  Emiko was born and raised in Japan …

EYW128: How Lindsay Dow Used Social Media to Learn Languages

September 29, 2016

Lindsay Dow is from the United Kingdom and loves teaching and inspiring people to learn languages. She also loves to blog, vlog, eat, sleep, breathe everything language. In this podcast, she …

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