Queenie Kawabe

Quadrilingual Language Learning Specialist | Multi-Passionate Being | Host of the Expand Your World & QueenieTV

Fascinated with language teaching since 2006. Queenie began her language teaching business as a university student in Australia. As a quadrilingual language learning specialist, Queenie is dedicated to creating engaging language learning experiences for young and mature learners, focusing on nurturing multiple intelligences in the language learning process. Queenie continues to inspire her students today with her passion for languages and innovative QKawabe methods.



The Early Days

Queenie's love for languages and words began in her childhood, and she has since developed into a true linguaphile. Her fascination with television programs in various languages led her to spend more time emulating the sounds of the words rather than just passively watching the programs.

In her youth, Queenie recognized the power of language in connecting people from diverse cultures. This understanding inspired her to embrace the value of diversity both personally and professionally, and develop the language skills to communicate with others in more meaningful ways.

The Challenge

At school, Queenie began exploring different language learning and communication methods, observing how individuals developed their language skills. At that point, she noticed that language school teachers often prioritized excelling in language examinations rather than teaching effective communication. As a result, despite performing well on language exams, she felt discontented with the outcome.

To her, language is a medium for self-discovery, self-expression, and meaningful communication with others. At that moment, she realized that the emphasis on achieving high scores put too much pressure on students to please their teachers and failed to prioritize the true purpose of language. Instead, it should create engaging language learning experiences - and the "QKawabe method" concept was born!

The QKawabe Method

After establishing her language teaching business as a university student in Australia, Queenie began refining her teaching skills. Through years of research and experience working with hundreds of students, she developed a unique approach to language learning: The QKawabe Method™️. 

Expand Your World, and Be Bilingual!

Queenie’s influence

Queenie brings over 18 years of diverse educational experience spanning various industries, ranging from childhood development to senior programs across the Asia Pacific region.

Her outstanding teaching abilities have been recognized through several accolades, including winning the Best Teacher and Best Lesson awards in 2016 in Japan.






She runs an online language school to create engaging language learning experiences for young and mature learners. Drawing on her multilingual background, she offers English, Mandarin (Chinese), Cantonese, and Japanese language to a wide range of learners, focusing on nurturing multiple intelligences in the language learning process.

In addition to her work with students, she empowers passionate educators and parents to revolutionize language education. She assists language teachers in the classroom, sharing her expertise in instructional design, pedagogy, and second language acquisition to help them create engaging and effective learning experiences for their students.

Her passion for education, diverse experience, and multi-faceted skill set enables her to bring a unique and valuable perspective to language learning and teaching. She is committed to continuing to learn, grow, and positively impact the lives of students and educators.

Past Project

Worked with The Family Law (Australian Series) Season 2 for Cantonese transcription.

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