Hi, I’m Queenie Kawabe

who won the best teacher of 2016 and the best lesson of 2016 at an English language school in Japan. I am also a language learning specialist, a language enthusiast, a youth motivational speaker and the host of Expand Your World Show Podcast. Besides that, I have been featured in BusinessEnglishQandA Podcast, CafeTalk, The Tao of Self Confident Podcast, WizIQ, New Class Rising Podcast, and Discover Your Talent-Do What You Love Podcast.

I was born and raised in a multilingual family who speak five languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Bahasa), and I believe that everyone deserves unique learning styles to expand their world. I have enjoyed helping people from different walks of life to discover the right learning style to speak a foreign language, teaching them to be confident, courageous and happy in life, work, and study, and helping parents to raise bilingual children by providing practical activities.


When I was a child, I always knew I wanted something different in life. At the age of 11, I started my first business selling candy floss to my classmate. It all started when I helped a friend of mine get a pack of candy floss near my house, where it was not available in her neighborhood. I saw the opportunity and started selling them at school. Unfortunately, my teacher knew about it, and I had to stop it before they warmed me. Since then, I knew that I could achieve more things in life. 

Being an Asian child, I was told to go to university and graduate with flying colours so I could have a higher paying job with a decent lifestyle. However, I was the exact opposite of who my parents wanted me to be. I went to Australia and had my first backpacking experience there for a month at the age of 18. I stayed with two Australian families who lived in remote areas, where I could go to beaches every morning and see kangaroos in the backyard during the day. After a month, I went home and started my freshman year. Since I didn't know what I wanted to become in the future, I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at a local university before I moved to Brisbane. In the following year, I  moved to Brisbane to expand my world and discovered the life I always wanted. After I relocated, I studied at the University of Queensland and taught languages to high school students and Australian mature students to earn a living. 

Frankly, I didn't know I wanted to become a teacher until many former students suggested I should because they had become more confident, courageous and happy in life, work and study after discovering what their learning style was from me. They knew themselves better each time they had sessions with me. I discovered that that my true passion for being a great teacher was inspired by a group of my former and current students. Thus, I took this business seriously and helped those people to speak and think in another person's language.

Expand Your World, and Be Confident


To begin with, I changed my degree to Bachelor of Arts and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Education as a secondary without hesitation because I knew it was my gift to be a great teacher. During that time,  I was given many opportunities to work with different educational industries. I have taught children as young as two years old, children in care, at a preschool center, where I helped them to create a second language curriculum for two years and as a language teacher in Australia Catholic University for a semester to teach mature students a foreign language. A few years ago, I made the jump to becoming an online language learning specialist and moved to Japan. I’d gained 10 years of experience teaching outside of the classroom and working with educators and people from all walks of life, and it felt right to go out on my own. Now, I want to use my talented gift to help more people, just like you, to discover their learning style to speak a foreign language. I want to teach you to be confident, courageous and happy in life, work, and study, and help parents to raise bilingual children by providing practical activities. 





First off, thank you for reading my story! I hope my story has inspired you. Since I wanted to help more people with my mission, I recently relaunched the “Expand Your World Show” Podcast to interview the most inspirational entrepreneurs, travelers, language learners and parents to share their expanded world with you. This show is unique in the fact it doesn’t narrow in on one specific topic. However, I believe our podcast topics will fall into three main categories that help you to expand, explore and experience:  

  • Personal Development 
  • Working & Living Abroad 
  • Raising Bilingual Children

I will also dive into subcategories topics on my blog, YouTube Channel, including language learning, business, leadership, and traveling. It’s never an easy journey to be where I am now. However, I am glad I am expanding, exploring and experiencing my world! 

Warm regards,

Queenie Kawabe 




Daniel GFounder of Earmuffsforkids, Australia

As someone that regularly conducts business in Asia, it was important for me to become more familiar with the language. In addition, I’d always wanted to learn a second language. I found Queenie Kawabe through Google, and have been studying with Queenie for 18 months. Her knowledge of Chinese language and culture is great, and her teaching methods are excellent. She is also incredibly patient, which has been good for me – I think I have tested it once or twice! I would not hesitate to recommend Queenie to anyone who wants to learn another language (after all, she speaks FIVE languages – incredible!). She is a wonderful teacher.

Jake KelderFounder of Yuppie Palace, Brisbane

My time with Queenie Kawabe has significantly upgraded my understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture. The lessons were adapted to my ability and honed in on my areas of interest. I would highly recommend Queenie Kawabe to anyone looking to further their understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Patrick RossEngineer of Uber Technology Centre, Australia

I've been learning Cantonese because my partner's family is from Hong Kong, so they often speak Cantonese at home. I've picked up Cantonese a lot faster than I was expecting with Queenie. I studied Mandarin for 3 years at high school, and never really got anywhere with it, whereas in just 10 months of Cantonese study I've progressed to a level where I can understand a lot of what native speakers say. Classes have always been very hands-on, and I was speaking and listening in Cantonese from the very first lesson. This has really accelerated my progress. I hope to surprise my partner soon with my knowledge of Cantonese. I would highly recommend Queenie for anybody seeking to learn Cantonese.

AyaonishiUniversity Student, Japan

Queenie sensei laoshi is very kind,helpful,and open minded. She always try to listen,and gives me many exsample. You can ask anything to her!! I definitely want to book her lesson again:)

Izyani M.ZUniversity Lecturer, Malaysia

I started learning Mandarin with Queenie last year. And what started as an attempt to impress my nieces and nephews who are studying in a Chinese school, has now become my newly found passion. I am really comfortable with Queenie's teaching method since day one. The lessons are tailored to suit my needs and I love how the exercises given are open-ended which means I can truly assess my understanding. Queenie is able to teach Mandarin and at the same time making references from my language background. Most importantly the class has taught me that I can converse in Mandarin by using only simple words. At the end of the day, I can truly say that Mandarin is an easy language to master provided that you have a really great teacher like Queenie. Xie xie.

Alex KlingeManager of Klinge Group, Australia

I have been attending Chinese Mandarin lessons with Queenie Kawabe for a few months now twice a week, I can say that my learning is practical and bespoke to the student’s learning style. I am a busy professional from Spring Hill and with my unique travel requirements being out of town for weeks at a time scheduling lessons have been difficult at times. Queenie has always been courteous & understanding in working with my work commitments, she understands my goals and tailors all lessons to directly relate to my industry, mining & IT. I look forward to every lesson with Queenie as I know I will walk away with practical Chinese that I can practice, use at restaurants, overseas and with Chinese friends. Her instruction on Chinese culture taboos & customs have also been helpful in making sense of day to day practices & basic etiquette while abroad in China or interacting with Chinese people here in Brisbane. I would recommend Queenie Kawabe for Chinese Mandarin private tuition to any busy professional who wants to further their knowledge of Chinese Language.

Jacob FongAustralia

I began learning Cantonese with Queenie on a private tutoring basis once per week around seven months ago and since that time she has continually exceeded expectations. Her conversational and approachable teaching style ensured that within three months I was able to have a basic conversation, and now I can conversate to a level that I never imagined would be possible given the short time period. I would not hesitate to recommend Queenie both as a personal tutor and a group tutor

Lachlan GoddardResearch Assistant, Australia

My experiences at Kawabe learning studios have always been highly positive. My teacher has created a relaxed and comfortable environment in which ideas and conversation can flow freely, giving me the confidence to utilise my mandarin skills in my day to day to life.

Matthew TurnerCorporate Finance Analyst, Australia

I have learned Mandarin from Queenie Kawabe for around 6 months having no prior knowledge whatsoever. What I found really useful was to start with fundamentals and easy core concepts. This was important to grasp an idea of structures and basics from which to build upon. Each week was structured and saw a gradual progression of building upon core ideas. With each lesson, we would begin by recapping previous concepts and important structures which provided a great way to warm up and engage further. I also enjoyed learning about social and cultural things from Queenie about China and also other areas of Asia. This helped in providing a context to compare and understand at a greater level. Queenie provided us with a tailored approach to learning as we wanted to focus on learning language and conversation skills. Pronunciation was key to this and we practiced this a lot in the beginning stages to form good habits. Queenie was very patient and nice to us, we had a lot of fun in the process.

Erika MyerReal Estate Agent, Hungary

I would like to thank you for your support and help, since from day one I was very happy with your teaching technique, very professional, easy to understand and easy to follow and specially your patience enormous. I really appreciated your time and encouragement. I would like and I will recommend to my friends to contact you if they ready prepared to learn in Mandarin. – Fantastic work, Thank you.

KevinAccountant, Australia

Queenie is a great tutor and has the personalities to be an even better one. Her patience in guiding me with the many difficulties I have with learning a language and emphasing on it really helped me in learning a language, with different students have different difficulties with learning a language and she does not seem to have any problems with fixing the problems I have. Her ability to meet the needs of an individual student is great. I have been learning Mandarin and Cantonese from her for about a month and I feel a large improvement in my ability in the languages. She also teaches more than just learning a language such as culture, which is an important part of being able to understand the meanings behind a language that is not clear to non-speakers of the language. Queenie is a great tutor and would recommend her classes to any one interested in learning any of the many languages she is able to teach. As I feel that I am learning in her classes a language plus more

MichaelaProject Director, Australia

Queenie is a wonderful teacher who I would recommend to anyone looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the Cantonese language and Asian culture. Queenie possesses an outstanding knowledge of Cantonese syntax and her lesson plans function exceedingly well to transfer the complex commands of Chinese dialects to her students. As her lessons are rather flexible, I found them a great opportunity to ask plenty of questions and I was able to learn at my own pace. Queenie also did a fantastic job of catering to my needs - her excellent interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to be very accommodating to her students no matter their level. She is extremely passionate in her teachings and this greatly encouraged me to further my learning outside of class. After studying Cantonese with Queenie for a year I am assured I have acquired the capacity to begin a new life in Hong Kong, with both the skills to speak confidently in Cantonese, and an acquired fondness of Eastern culture. - Michaela

Dr. James KeysDr. James Keys, Australia

Ni Hao! Queenie taught me Mandarin Chinese for a little over 2 months. In that time, she put great efforts into tailoring my lessons for me, so that I could use my new skills in a clinical setting as a dentist. Having now arrived in Singapore, I have found her teaching extremely useful, and I can communicate well with my patients and in social situations. Queenie taught me not only the language, but also the attitudes and habits of the people of the countries of South East Asia. She also made the lessons both educational and whole lot of fun. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn a language. Zai Jian!

PietroLaw Officer, Rome

learning a Lot from The Very first lesson. Warning is addictive

DennisManager, United State

Queenie has been teaching mandarin to my partner and I for several months now. We have thoroughly enjoyed each lesson and we were very impressed by the way each lesson was tailored for our needs. We believe Queenie's methods are really practical and easy to progress.


25分の体験レッスンを受講しました。香港で出版されているテキストをPDFで送ってもらい、使用しました。テキストには書かれていないけど、よく使われる関連フレーズや、逆に、テキストには書いてあるけど、今の香港人はほとんど使わない言い回しなどの情報も教えてもらえ、有益でした。先生の雰囲気は明るく、話しやすかったので、とても楽しい25分間で、あっという間でした。説明は主に英語、時々日本語という感じなので、英語の練習にもなります。次は、是非50分レッスンを予約しようと思います。 Thank you for your lesson, Queenie! It was so nice meeting you. 多謝!


会話(フリートーク)のレッスンでした。 中国語で何て言うかわからない時や聞き取れなかった時は英語で説明してくれました。 英語も勉強しているひとにはぴったりだと思います。 スケジュールが合えば、また受けたいと思うレッスンでした!


I've always thought that learning a language is something I could do pretty well on my own without having to take 'lessons' from a tutor, but I've been convinced otherwise after taking my first lesson with Queenie. There is something to be said for a well-structured, systematic lesson taught by a professional and experienced tutor. Not to mention she is very approachable and encouraging! Already booked my next lesson.


Queenie is kind, considerate and thorough in assessing my level of needs in order to learn Cantonese methodically and answering the questions that I had to help me learn. I am a beginner who needed experienced and professional advice from a native speaker. The fact that we’re on the other side of the world, in just one lesson she has provided me a better insight of the cross-cultural differences as I live in the UK and she lives is in Australia/Japan. She has the ability to introduce me to new vocabulary that I have never came across in Cantonese textbooks but in colloquial conversation and several appropriate sentence structures in saying full sentences in any given conversation whenever I go and whoever I talk to. Her enthusiasm is great; she encourages and supports others to make progress in their study. I took a trial because I am new to CafeTalk. Will I take more full Cantonese lessons from her? Of course, and I highly recommend you to do the same. I believe one of the purposes of learning a language is effectively communicating with other people and working together to make a positive impact in our daily lives. The first step to do this is taking the initiative to make an effort to learn the language, communicate with others and learn from the mistakes we make. In other words, no matter how difficult it is, never give up. I have made many mistakes and I will always continue to learn from it. She is a hardworking person helping me correct those mistakes, guiding me by giving me constructive and appropriate feedback. If you are like me who wants to either improve Cantonese speaking skills, planning to travel, loves communicating with people and like eating delicious food, then I believe she is a perfect teacher for you. Thank you again Queenie, I also look forward to hear from you again very soon.

RieUnited State

She is really good at fixing pronunciation! I also really appreciate that she created a lesson based on the textbook I wanted to use, but added in useful information that was related to what was in the book (such as casual phrases that young people would use, instead of the stiff and formal phrases that sometimes show up in books). I think she is very experienced in figuring out the best way to teach each individual student. Thank you Queenie Lao Shi! See you next time.




I am finding Queenie to be a great Mandarin teacher. She's helped me understand the concepts and basics of the language quickly which has resulted in my increased speed in learning. I'll be looking forward to my future lessons with her.

ElizabethMother of Finnian, Australia

Queenie has an excellent manner with young children. She engages them enthusiastically in games so they have lost of fun during lessons but at the same time she keeps them on track so they focus on the activity at hand. As a result, they enjoy classes and learn quickly. My younger son has learnt more in two terms during his Kindy year than my elder son in four years of LOTE classes at school from Prep to grade 3.

BobHead of Cash Flow Finance, Ireland

I have been studying Chinese with Queenie since early 2013. I am a native English speaker and know nothing about Chinese. I need to learn Chinese because of my job so I found Queenie here. I am very impressed with her teaching methodology and now I can hold a Chinese conversation with my clients. Thank you Queenie lao shi!

KittyUniversity of Queensland, Australia

Thank you so much for helping me with my Chinese role play. I really enjoyed our lesson and was immensely grateful for your kind help. If you are struggling with your Chinese subject at uni or school, I would recommend you to go to Queenie. Thank you so much for your help again!!

Yvonne. FMother of Sophie, Australia

Being a Chinese that is not Chinese educated, I want my daughter to be able to converse and read/write Chinese. Hence after some search, I found Queenie and had engaged her to teach my 5yo. The reason I had selected her over the other options around is because my daughter feels comfortable with her teaching and there is no heavy accent that forbids a beginner from learning and understanding Chinese. Queenie has managed to put in some fun within the strict and systematic syllabus and my child enjoy the session, picked up well and do look forward for her classes. I'm now looking forward to her being able to converse in full sentences with her classmate in Chinese.

Brooke.MFlight Attendant, Australia

I had Japanese language lessons with Queenie Kawabe for around 4 months. The lessons were adapted to my learning style and refined to my areas of interest. Queenie’s teaching technique is very professional, easy to understand and she is very patient. She created a relaxed and comfortable environment for the lessons which made learning more enjoyable. Queenie is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Japanese as well as interested in gaining insight into the Japanese culture. Thank you Queenie for your support and giving me the confidence to utilise my Japanese language skills in my daily working environment.

Tara.GMother of Yusuf, Singapore

My son has been learning Chinese since young and he has attended few Chinese classes in Brisbane since we moved here. However, he wasn't enjoyed being in class so we have to find a teacher for him. So, we found Queenie to tutor him while we were in Brisbane and I was very impressed with her teaching skills. She tailored the Chinese lesson to suit my son's standard in order to keep up his study in Chinese. My son enjoyed her lesson very much. Thank you for teaching my son!!

Karen.NMother of Three Children, Australia

Thank you for all your patience and guidance. We will all miss you!!

ViktorSt Peters lutheran College Student, Australia

Thank you for teaching my son, Viktor and I was very impressed with your teaching skills.

NicholasBrisbane Boys' College Student, Australia

Thank you for helping our son in his Japanese! He has never scored an "A" in his exams, after having lesson with KB Learning Studio he scored an A for the first time in three years! Thank you so much.

Angeline.DUniversity of Queensland Student, Australia

I just wanted to properly express my thanks to you, for the help you generously gave me this week. Thank you for dedicating the time, and having the patience to answer all my questions.

JaydenAccount Manager, New Zealand

My time with Queenie has significantly upgraded my understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture. The lessons were adapted to my ability and honed in on my areas of interest. I would highly recommend Queenie to anyone looking to further their understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture.

YumikoUniversity of Queensland Student, Australia

Thank you for your support and assisting me in one of my education subject. I've passed my assignment and now I am graduated. Her teaching technique is very professional, easy to understand and interesting. I would happily recommend her as a great and reliable teacher if you are looking help.

Kara TranLegal Professional Consultant, Germany

Queenie is an excellent tutor who is very patient and able to cater to your learning style. I would recommend her to anyone who not only wants to learn another language, but is also interested in gaining insight into another culture.

BenjaminQueensland University of Technology, Australia

Hi, I have been using Queenie's services for one month prior to myself taking it up at university to gain a basic understanding of the language and to dispel the fears of learning a language with as many rumors surrounding it as Mandarin has. I have found that she is very knowledgeable in the language and explains it in such a way that it is easy to approach and learn. Her lesson go at the pace that you desire and is constantly challenging you. If you are new the language like I was when I started, she can work to the syllabus from either Griffith, QUT or UQ. I would happily recommend her as a good and reliable tutor.


Thank you very much for the fantastic lesson.

ChristineNurse, Singapore

She is a great teacher, thanks for all your help learning Mandarin.


Great tutor!!Excellent teaching method!

DanielBusiness Executive, London

Queenie is a great teacher, she tailors the lessons to what you want and is astute at knowing what level you are at and what approach to take your learning. In my time with Queenie she really bolstered areas of my Mandarin that were really lacking like my writing and structuring sentences. Within weeks I realised I was able to express myself with a greater vocabulary in Mandarin than I ever had previously! Thank you!

ChingMother of Three Children, Australia

Queenie is a fantastic teacher, she actually notice the different learning abilities of my 2 children and cater for their inidividual needs. I used to have another Chinese teacher but the children don't seem to enjoy the lessons and tend to play up a lot. Even from the start, both kids did not have any trouble sitting through the lesson and showing a keen interest in learning. Queenie makes learning Chinese interesting by incorporating drawing, music, art and craft.We are really glad that we have a great Chinese teacher for our children.

Camilla AndrewsAustralian Primary Students, Australia

See my comment about Queenie for tutoring my grandson in Mandarin. My two granddaughters, aged 9 and 11, had lessons in Japanese every day for the two weeks before Christmas while they were staying with me. It took a half of every day for the three of them to have their lessons, when we could have been doing a range of other holiday things. The children looked forward to this every day, and did the homework they were set without any reminders. Without any prompting they bought her a present, and wrote her thank you letters at the end of the two weeks. Each of these children has a different learning style, and Queenie adapted her approach for each one. This was money well spent: even if we dont have a chance to follow through (the children live in another town), their time with Queenie has shown them that learning a skill can be satisfying and enjoyable.

Camilla andrewsAustralian High School Student, Australia

My 13 year old grandson started lessons with Queenie while he was staying with me for two weeks before Christmas. He looked forward to his lessons every day, despite all the other things we could have been doing, and did the homework Queenie set him without reminders. Two younger granddaughters who were also staying with me did Japanese with Queenie, with similar responses. Each of these children have quite different learning styles, and Queenie adapted her teaching for each one. We will be making the most of every opportunity to have time with Queenie again whenever the kids come to visit

LesleyNurse, Italy

I had no Mandarin Chinese language ability before starting lessons with Queenie. Queenie structured the lessons suit my needs and after 14 lessons over 2 months, I am confident I can now communicate effectively in Mandarin at the level I require. Queenie's teaching methods are extremely efficient and effective. She has a relaxed and accommodating teaching style and her lessons often included interesting insights into aspects of Chinese culture.

Ben PriceIT Analysis , Australia

Queenie has been my Mandarin teacher since March 2010. Over the course of the year I have acquired a sizeable vocabulary, I'm able to build sentences and converse across a decent range of topics. Queenie has really helped with my pronunciation through teaching me Pinyin. I have progress to reading and writing characters. My listening skills are really improving - late 2010 I tested my language ability in China, it was really fun, I could hear the locals talking about me, I had no problems interacting. If your wanting to learn Mandarin quickly and thoroughly I recommend Queeniehs...

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