Cancer Season in 2021: Be Sensitive & Supportive

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Happy Birthday, Cancerian 

Summer is here! Let the sunshine in and bask in the sun. I can’t believe that six months have gone so quickly in 2021. Now, we are in Cancer season. It begins on June 20th and lasts until July 20th for 30 days. And, summer equinox happens to be the next day, June 21st. It is time to smell the sea and feel the warm weather under the blue sky. Let your soul and spirit fly in this Cancer season. 

Cancer represents our emotions and feeling. It is tremendous energy to practice our emotional awareness and work on our emotional needs in the next 30 days. We have many great energies come along in this Cancer season that helps us be more open with our emotions and feelings and work on our self-value, self-nurturing, and self-transformation. 

Your Sensitivity And Intuition 

We may not start well with Gemini season with the retrograde energies, but we may have to work on our inner self in the coming month because we are two more planets, Jupiter and Pisces, are going into retrograde in Pisces. In Cancer season, we may feel more sensitive about how we feel with our emotions. Emotional triggers are likely to be happen, but you can improve them. 

Despite the fact that Jupiter is retrograded in Pisces, it expands on our intuition. With Cancer, it amplifies our emotions and feeling with our subconscious. People often have negative feelings without knowing why. If you have a similar experience, take this opportunity to dive into your subconscious and find out what makes you feel this negative feeling. Ask yourself – Is it a person? Is it the current affair? Is it the current job? There is no wrong or correct answer, and it is an exercise to know your emotion and feeling better. 

Your Feminine Energy 

Some believe that yin and yang exist to balance the harmony in the world. Interestingly, in astrology, there are 6 yangs and 6 yins. Cancer is one of the yin energies, and it is an excellent time to work honor your feminine energy in Cancer season. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, regardless of who we are. Feminine energy brings the soft side of you. Recall how your mother nurtured you when you were a child and what did your mother taught you in life. 

If you are a woman, take this opportunity to empower yourself and speak up, voice your opinions. With Sun in Cancer, you may feel more emotional, but it wants you to express yourself confidently. With the help of Uranus in Taurus, it wants you to think unconventionally, work on your self-value, and be financially independent. 

Your Support to Family and Women 

Girl power is the new generational hashtag now. Many inspiring and independent women are no longer just a stay-home-mom but also is changing the world. Without a doubt, more women are stepping out from the nutshell to make the world better in the future. It is the best time to show your support to your family or any of your female friends with whatever they involve now in Cancer season. Also, you could support your local women’s organizations or communities. 

Cancer is a sign that rules home and family. We may involve many home activities from cooking to sharing household to improve the family relationship in Cancer season. It could be a powerful time to work on express your compassion and be a good listener. With the current energies, we are likely to be introspective, and it is a great time to reflect on your family value. With the help of Uranus in Taurus in Cancer season, the energy will be there for you! Just be more confident with it. You may receive pleasant surprises. 

Change & Transformation 

Last month, I wrote a post about Mars in Cancer that opposites Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Now, Pluto is meeting Cancer in its season, and it is about the personal core values. People often feel unsettled when it comes to change and transformation because no one wants to get thrown off from the comfort zone. However, Pluto is all about soul desire to give you a life lesson in Cancer season. 

We have to work on our self-esteem. It is not the time to be overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change, though Mars is in Leo. These energies help us grow and transform, and it is alright to feel unpleasant and uncomfortable when change happens. 

If you are a self-centered person and often come on strong to people, it could be good to get help from feminine Cancer to soften yourself a bit. However, if you are on low self-esteem, you could take this chance to work on your confidence because Cancer loves to nurture and support. You are not alone and don’t be afraid to make a change. 

Thank you for reading!  

Stay joy and healthy! 

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