How Does Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius Expand You in 2021

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Perhaps, by now, you may be starting to like the retrograde energies since we have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius back in April and May, respectively. Now, it is Jupiter’s time to retrograde. It will last for about 4 months. We have to be friends with these energies to help you grow, expand, and transform. 

Jupiter will not stay long in Pisces, and it will be retrograde, begins on June 20th, where the Cancer season happens too. Then, it will revert to Aquarius on July 28th, which also remain retrograde until October 18th. Then, it goes direct until December 28th. 

Since Jupiter in Pisces happened last month, I will not be going it over again. Fluid Pisces is flowing between now and 2022, so you can read more on Jupiter in Pisces and find out how it impacts you in 2021-2022. Jupiter is an expansive planet, and it is also known for fortune and luck. With Jupiter in Pisces, you may feel a pleasant self-growth. 

How Does Jupiter Retrograde Expand You 

Jupiter retrograde is an excellent reflective time to plan for higher education, prepare for your future, and expand your wisdom. With Pisces, it can be a time to work on your intuition, dive into your subconscious mind, and be more compassionate with people who come from different nations. 

On the other side, it also wants us to work on the self-destructive, such as addiction to binge eating, gambling, and drugs. That is because Jupiter’s energy is likely to be hindered. So, we may incline toward unhealthy, negative behaviors. 

You may feel doomed because it seems like luck is not on your side when Jupiter retrograde. Don’t be! Have faith. That is what Jupiter wants us to learn! When you have faith in something, you will see things differently because Jupiter brings belief, wisdom, faith to us. Although you may have a tough time, it will go away. It is just a matter of time! 

Next comes Aquarius. We may feel extra rebellious and wants to do things unconventionally, like making friends online and connecting with people through technology. Moreover, there has been a surge in using technology that improves social participation, provides better access to information, and increases job opportunities, like food delivery on apps.

With Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, it is an excellent time to reconnect with your future, dreams and find hope again. You may recognize some old issues occur that they been hidden long enough in your heart! Take time to reflect and revise them. There are few things we should work on during this Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius. First, work on your uniqueness and what success means to you in this life, then how can we work together as individuality to make the world better. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know how Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius Expand You in 2021. 


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