How Neptune Retrograde Heal You in 2021

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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces on June 25th, and it lasts until December 1st. By now, we have 3 retrograde planets: Pluto retrograde in CapricornSaturn retrograde in Aquarius, and Jupiter, which just retrograded in Pisces. Moreover, the 4th planet is coming to retrograde, which is Neptune.  

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the second slow-moving planet, which rules spirituality, subconscious, dream, and healing. It usually stays in one sign for about 14 years. Neptune is back to its sweet home in which is Pisces because it rules Pisces naturally. Neptune has been in Pisces since February 2012, and it ends on March 30th, 2025. It lasts for about 13 years. 

What Happened When Neptune in Pisces 

Neptune energy is often subtle. With the two-sided fishy head, we are healed through our intuition and letting go of what is not working in life, but it also makes our vision unclear. Despite that, we are still working on our inner peace that connects through our subconscious easily during this period. In other words, there has been a surge in spirituality topics from mediation to yoga since early 2010. More people are interested in healing their mind, body, and soul to have vibrant, healthier well-being in the next few years.  

How Does Neptune Retrograde Heal You 

Neptune retrograde in Pisces gives us a hard time concentrating and stay focus on our vision. It makes our vision foggier, and it seems unreal to the reality. What you see may not what you think. So, you have to work on what is real and what is not. We may drain our energy from the energy vampires and end up in the wrong direction when life gives us a tough time. 

Furthermore, you may feel like escaping from reality and trying to drug yourself as you think it is too painful to be in the real world and solve the issues when Neptune retrograde happens. Do reach out to people if you need help! Life is always unpredictable, but you do not have to give up on hope! Pluto retrograde in Capricorn can help us to feel at ease with our personal power and transformation. So, there is always be a silver lining in life! 

Jupiter and Pisces Retrograde in Pisces 

I have to be honest with you. When Jupiter and Neptune, both planets are in Pisces, the energy is amplified. It stays for about a month until Jupiter reverts to Aquarius (retrograde) on July 28th. Pisces is a foggy sign, and it often makes our vision unclear. With Jupiter retrograde along, we have to be lucid and work harder on our visual and hearing to ensure they are what they are. 

With these energies, it is easier for us to be deceived, so we have to work on our boundaries and stay healthy since Pisces is about sacrificing. So, we are likely prone to give more than what we have, and energy vampires may take advantage of it to drain your mental and emotional energy. 

On the bright side, it is an excellent time to work on your intuition and imagination. Jupiter is an expansion planet, and it expands on whatever sign when it meets. Jupiter in Pisces focuses on compassion, intuition, creativity, and the subconscious. 

With Jupiter and Neptune retrograde energy, it teaches us to slow down and work on our spiritual retreat that connects to our subconscious and expands on compassion. Again, learn to some boundaries. Pisces is the last sign in astrology, and it means to let go of something that does not work in your life.   

Thanks for reading! Please share with me how Neptune retrograde heals you in 2021. 

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