Leo Season in 2021: Be Passionate & Confident

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Happy Birthday, Leonian! 

It is your time to shine and rise! Let’s be in the spotlight, and don’t be shy!  

You have had your first taste of the Leo energy where you feel energetic that drives your action and feel extra position with your motivation and passion when Mars in Leo last month. 

Now, you may have the full version of it since the Sun is moving into Leo on July 22nd, the next day after Venus in Virgo, and it remains in this fiery sign until August 22nd. Guess that? The Sun is at its best placement because it rules Leo. Roar! 

The Moon and Sun work closely in astrology. Moon represents our body emotion, whereas the Sun in astrology symbolizes the essence of who you are, your personality, creativity, and self-identity. For that reason, you have to shine like a diamond and steal the spotlight during the Leo season. Work on the one-self, and let the lion roar from in to out of you! 

Living With Passion 

Even if Mars is leaving Leo in a week, the energy will likely bring it forward to us in Leo season. We may feel motivated and passionate after being in the two months retrograde season. To be honest to you, you may still feel uneasy but think of the bright side, and the Leo energy is with you now. Take this opportunity to work with your passion. It gives you the power to get through the tough time in your life. We all have it regardless of how big or how small it is. 

If you feel unmotivated in life now, you are not alone. As I know, many of us are feeling blue due to the current pandemic state since 2020. However, life goes on! So, it is an excellent time to work on your passion. You can start with something simple, like giving a big smile to yourself, feeling great that having a healthy, physical body, and be happy with things around you. 

As we all know, the Sun is at the center of the solar system, and it gives the most potent energy that makes things alive. When Sun in Leo, it lights things up! Although we may feel restrained as putting up barriers to progress, you have to believe that you can live with passion! With Saturn in Aquarius is squared with Sun in Leo, it makes it harder to express yourself. Take this chance to build up your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Learning to be confident 

To be confident, you need to be resilient in life! Do not let anyone define who you are because that is what most people are good at it. We are unique and beautiful, and we do not have to be the same! So, with Sun in Leo, it wants us to learn to be confident, creative, affectionate, but watch out the self-ego and self-arrogance. 

Sometimes it is acceptable to have insecurity, but do not let it overtakes your personality, and no one should change themselves to please others. With Sun and Mercury in Leo, it focuses on your thoughts. It is excellent energy to build your confidence and learn to be creative. There are many creative ways to express yourself, use one of the creativities that resonates with you, and build your confidence. Remember to steal the spotlight and be on the stage to show the world who you are and what you create! You do not have to be perfect but be confident! Let the Leo energy be with you in this season!  

Thank you for reading! Please share with me how Leo season affects you. 

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