Mars in Leo 2021

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Good news! A blue sky is here after the storm. 

Mars is meeting Leo on June 11th, on the next day of the New Moon in Gemini (Lunar Eclipse), and it stays in this fiery sign until July 29th for 7 weeks. With the help of Gemini, we may feel enthusiastic about pursuing the idea and taking action with our plans. Moreover, with Mars in Leo under the Gemini season, it drives you to take action with your heart, along with the mind. Sounds great, right? 

Mars is the planet of action and pursuit, and Leo symbolizes Lion that ruled by the Sun in astrology. It governs the life purpose. With Mars in Leo means your life purpose drives your action and wants to shine like a diamond. We may feel extra positive with our motivation and passion. 

Leadership & Support 

Leo rules leadership. It is a skill you should have when you are at work for self-development. With Mars in Leo, it is an excellent time to build your leadership by taking coaching or courses with the support from the Gemini season. 

Furthermore, self-assertive is required to develop your leadership. You may find it at ease with the help of Mars in Leo because Mars rules self-assertive. Besides, a highly successful leader knows how to give adequate support as Leo rules heart in the astrological body, and Cancer season is here to help us be better listeners.  

Love & Passion

If you feel lost and unmotivated in life, it is your wake-up call now because Mars is in Leo and wants to help you find your passion. Leo is a sign of ruling passion. With Mars in Leo, it reminds us that we have to find the passion that keeps us going in life. Ask yourself: what is it that motivates you in life or what brings joy to you? Do what you love. Love what you do matter! 

Leo is a fiery and affectionate sign, which has a big heart. We are likely to pursue the things that we love and support our loved ones. Be there and care for them! One simple step makes a huge difference, sometimes.  


With Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces energy and Mars in Leo, it focuses on our self-expression and self-creative. We are likely to express ourselves through acting, writing, speaking, arts, and music. People often struggle to have self-expression. If you have it, it is an excellent time to work on your self-expression. 

If you have known Leo, this person loves the spotlight and enjoys being on the stage! Work on your self-expression and bring the inner self to the stage! You may have a whole new experience with the help of Mars in Leo energy. 


With both fiery planets and signs on Mars in Leo, it is easy for people to be more demanding with people when it comes to working, and we may have short-tempered. This is the downside of Mars in Leo. We have to learn to work with people while not losing our self-identity.  

Leo is ruled by Sun. As you know, the Sun generates and give energy to the growing planets, and bring life to living being on earth. With Mars in Leo, we may feel resentful at ease over little things with people without a doubt. So, we have to learn to compromise with the loved ones. See a family consultant or work on your anger-management to find out what triggers the emotion. When conflict happens, it often hurt. So, take good care of your heart. No matter how angry you are, health comes first. 

Thanks for reading! Please share your experience with me about how Mars in Leo affects you.  

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