Mercury in Cancer 2021

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Words May Become Sensitive To You 

Fast-moving Mercury is moving out from Gemini after two months to Cancer on July 11th. It will stay in this nurtured Cancer for 2.5 weeks until July 27th. Mercury in Gemini comes just after a full moon in Cancer after two days, and it all happens in Cancer season

When Mercury is back in the watery sign, our thought process is likely to be more sensitive on an emotional level. So, with Cancer energy, it will make us extremely sensitive to personal needs. Moreover, with Neptune Retrograde in Pisces this month, we may feel the emotional feeling is still ongoing after the new moon in Cancer. With these energies, you will likely bring self-awareness to the next level by tuning into your subconscious mind. 

You have heard the phrase, “Go with your gut” or, “The heart wants what it wants?” It is a great thinking time for you to think and ask yourself – “Do you have a rational mind or an emotional mind?” There is absolutely nothing wrong with having one of them, but when Mercury in Cancer, the challenge is your rational mind may start to feel more of an emotional mind, and your emotion switches instantly between A-Z in a minute. 

Rational-Mind Person

If you are a rational-mind person who speaks powerfully, it is acceptable to be irrational sometimes to work on your personal need. Take a step back and work on your issues with your family or career. Do not keep all problems in your chest. With the help of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, it challenges you to transform with your words. You have the power to change and improve your emotions. 

Emotional-Mind Person

If you are more of an emotional-mind person, you tend to understand people feeling at ease and are willing to be a good listener. However, it may make others have difficulty reading your mind with Cancer energy because you are so emotional to speak up to them. It is an excellent time to say how you feel out loud and deal with closed relationship issues. Listen to your heart but also think rationally about how you interpret your emotions. 

Keep in mind that we are likely to take things personally under Mercury in Cancer, so be sure to align with positive energies. If you look closely at the sign of Cancer, it symbolizes crab. It walks sideways and hides in the shell when it gets spooked. So, how we express ourselves could be the same as a crab. We may feel too timid to feel loud out, and words are likely blurry too. So, be sure to work along with your subconscious under this sensitive Cancer season before it meets Leo energy. 

Thank you for reading! Please share with me how Mercury in Cancer affects you. 

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