Mercury in Leo 2021

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It is time to roar! 

You have a heart as loud as a lion, so do not let your voice be tamed. We are in the Leo season now. We want to be courageous, strong, and passionate. Also, Mercury in cheerful Leo starts on July 27th, and it stays in this fiery sign until August 11th. That being said, Mercury is joining the party, along with Leo. We are keen to express ourselves with more confidence and are likely to be friendlier publicly. On the flip side, You may become demanding. So, be sure to think before you speak because you may say something hurtful unintentionally. 

Phew! The rainy season is finally over. We may smell the sea, feel the blue sky, and live in the sunshine in Leo season. Sun and Mercury in astrology represent our inner self, like the core essence and the mind. So, we are likely to feel optimistic and enthusiastic in the next few weeks before the Uranus retrograde in Taurus happens in mid-August. The last retrograde in 2021. 

Be A Public Speaker 

When it comes to communication in a fiery sign, We may think positively and speak clearly. It may be an excellent time to work on your proposal or brush up on your speaking skill. With that happens, we can explain our thoughts and ideas directly and genuinely with Leo’s energy. 

Despite Mercury thinks fast, and Leo wants interaction. This energy encourages us to interact with people, enroll in a public speaking class, and be creative in writing. To be a public speaker, you must have a heart as loud as a lion! You can do it! Let your voice be heard! 

Be A Leader 

On the other hand, With Saturn in Aquarius being opposite Mercury in Leo, you may have encountered some serious thinking and conversation between you and the social group. With Leo, it wants to be a leader. It is a perfect time for you to develop leadership and make changes for your people or society, possibly solving humanity issues.

We are all unique and comes from diverse backgrounds. You have to question yourself: how can I be the leader and my voice be heard to make changes for humanity? With the upcoming Aquarius era, this question is likely to ask again in the future. So, if you are the leader, what can you do and make a better future. With Mercury in Leo, it helps us to be more courageous. 

Be A Performer 

With creative Leo, it wants you to steal the spotlight and be on the stage! It does not require you to be a professional performer, but it encourages you to express yourself creatively. Think of an actor, a musician, a magician, a dancer, or a singer, how these professional performers express their artistic talent to audiences. That is the Leo energy you need in this Leo season. 

To boost your self-esteem, you have to stop comparing yourself and others, and no more what if this person can do it, and I can’t do it. A performer brings playful and cheerful talents to the audience, allowing the audience to feel the connection between the performer and audience. It is time to step up the game and enjoy the present! 

Thank you for reading! Please share with me how Mercury in Leo affects you. 

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