Venus in Cancer 2021

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Love Starts Within

To love others, you must love yourself first. Venus is moving to homey Cancer on June 2nd, and it remains in this emotional sign until June 27th. Venus is the planet of love, relationship. Cancer is a caring and nurturing sign that Moon rules it, which represents our emotions. When both are met, it wants us to focus on our self-love and self-nurturing on mind, body, and soul. 

Venus in Cancer for Couples 

If you want to improve your relationship or marriage, it is an excellent time to work on the mind, body, and soul for both of you. Having Venus in Cancer, you are likely to be a better listener and know how people feel to make them feel better intuitively. Perhaps, it is time to nurture the love you both need to have a healthy, happy relationship. 

Under the influence of Jupiter in Pisces with Venus in Cancer, we are more willing to help ourselves and care for other people. With these energies, you are likely to create a cozy atmosphere for yourself and your loved ones to make everyone feel safe and secure, especially the inner peace is what you need now. 

Venus in Cancer for Singles

As I mentioned earlier, learn to love within. Whether you are looking for love or afraid of love, you have to love yourself first before giving it away to someone else. Venus in Cancer is all about love and need. It means I need love. Without a doubt, be loved is nice, but finding your own security and comfort is important because those emotions should come within yourself. 

You may feel more sensitive when it comes to dealing with love or entering a new relationship. Don’t be! Dare to love, but be sure to have enough self-love and self-care or else you may feel frustrated. When you are feeling moody, you could cultivate a comfortable environment for yourself. Think of what you enjoy and what you love doing that sparks joy in you. 

Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus is on June 13th.

It increases our self-value, and we are likely to have different perspectives on love. We may feel the change in our love concept is likely less intense. With these energies, you may have a new love for nature and health. You are probably more aware of your emotion and physical. 

Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is on June 21st. 

It amplifies the intuition energy. Both are watery signs that represent our emotions and compassion. With these energies, you may receive support from compassionate people during the tough time, and you are more open to working on the self-intuitive. Besides, letting go of the old love is a great time. 

Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn is on June 23rd. 

With the Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, it wants us to work on our transformation through personal healing and cleansing. It challenges you to dive deep into your emotions to understand love as you thought you know. Perhaps, you are waiting for someone to come back for you, or an old, unhealthy habit that you can’t get rid of it, whatever reasons you are holding it. It is time to let it go! Honestly, it is quite challenging because both signs are opposite each other, and you have to find the balance to work on it. 

Happy reading! Hope my intuition helps you to understand love more! 

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