Venus in Leo 2021

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The smell of summer often makes me fall in love! 

It is time to spread your love from the heart! Do not think with the mind. Think with the heart. As you know, crazy love often comes from the heart. 

With Venus in Cancer, it on personal needs level, whereas Venus is meeting warm-hearted Leo on June 27th in the Cancer season, and it stays in this fiery until July 21st. Venus in Leo focuses on what love is and what lover you are, and how you stay joy in a relationship. Also, Leo represents the heart in the astrological body. It is time to work with our hearts. 

Venus in Leo For Couples

If you have dated a lover, Venus in Leo, you would know how fun it is! I would address it as a dynamic relationship. Venus in Leo lover is truly a ride-or-die person. Without a doubt, they are willing to do anything for you, but you have hurt them, they will tear you apart like a lion. Try not to mess with them! 

With Venus in Leo, it teaches us to be a romantic and playful lover. Although you are not a romantic person, you could always give your loved one a surprise, such as something you have never done in life, but it makes her feel special. You could lend your ears to them and listen to their problems without giving any opinions. Since Venus in Leo happens in Cancer season, our emotions may feel more attached to empathy. We are likely to begin to understand what our loved ones needs. 

Take this opportunity to be more open to your loved ones and do something fun that sparks joy in both of you. Perhaps, act as a childlike person to feel what it was like when you were a child, share your old pleasure memorable memories with your loved ones, and create a new memory with that again. Remember to have fun under the Venus in Leo energy. 

Venus in Leo For Singles 

Single person! Summer is here! It is a perfect time to get dress and show the world what you got! You do not need a lover to love who you are! You have to believe in yourself that you are the queen of yourself! Venus wants you to find out what you attract to and how to be attracted. With Leo, it is ruled by the Sun, so it is yourself that how you want to present your love to the world. 

If you are seeing someone and not sure if this is the “right person.” You could take this opportunity to get to know this person deeply by inviting him or her over to your place to do something fun, such as “teach each other something new or learn a new skill.” We all have individual talents, strengths, and interests, and it helps you discover the other half’s passion. You will never know what is the hidden gem until you find it out. 

Remember to be playful and enjoy the present! 

Love Vs. Lust 

Is it love at first sight or lust at first sight? People are often caught up between love and lust in a relationship, and it could end up with a healthy relationship or a toxic relationship. With that, both planets represent something in the relationship. Venus is about how we love ourselves and others, whereas Mars is about what lovers we are. 

Mars was in Leo on June 11th, and now Venus is meeting Leo on June 27th. With that, Venus and Mars, both planets, are in Leo on July 13th. As soon as Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo, our charisma is likely to be raised. It is an excellent time for both romance and making new friends. Shine like a diamond, and be excited with the new chapter. 

These energies increase our desire for intimate relations. With Leo, you may have an intentional need for sexual satisfaction and be straightforward in searching for the right partner if you are single. Also, you may want to express your love in a unique way that may bring lust back into a relationship for couples. Perhaps, something naughty that sparks the joy! 

Moreover, with Venus and Mars in Leo, it is an excellent time to work on your self-expression through physical or emotional activities. It stimulated our creativity, and Mars wants us to pursue, with Leo focuses on finding the passion in life. We may feel more confident with our masterpieces through our creativity and self-expression, with the help of Venus in Leo. Doing what we love is important because it brings joy and happiness to us in our daily life. 

Thank you for reading! Please share with me how Venus in Leo affects you! 

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