Venus in Virgo 2021

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Venus moves to earthy Virgo on July 21st, and it stays in this systematical sign until August 16th. Loving yourself is not a problem, but giving your love away could be challenging when Venus in Virgo. Venus is at its difficult placement in astrology because Virgo is a practical and analytical sign, whereas Venus is a friendly, pleasure-oriented planet. 

With Venus in Virgo happens in Leo season, the energy makes us understand what self-love is and why we need it. It is the best time to nurture yourself after being in the slow-moving retrograde season. Virgo rules health and wellness, and it teaches us to love our body despite the body shame that happens all the time. Venus in Virgo wants us to care for our body and be kind to it. People are likely to do more workouts to keep fit and start talking about food and nutrition that improve health and wellness in our daily lives. So, try to stay joyful and healthy.  

Venus in Virgo for Couples

Watch out the Neptune and Venus when both are opposite each sign. With these energies, it may question our love and finance as Virgo is a service-oriented sign; along with these energies, people may take advantage of our caring and help, and some may doubt our intention. Moreover, you may feel disappointed with your loved ones because they may not have met your expectation. So, take it easy with Venus in Virgo. It could challenge your relationship to be a better one! 

On the bright side, with the help of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn that meets Venus in Virgo, we are likely to seek practical, financially stable, and supportive from the relationship. It is an excellent time to talk about the future financial plan and support from your loved ones. Virgo is a helpful, supportive, hardworking sign. With this energy, we are likely to get the help we want or support our loved ones that they need. However, keep in mind that do not overly stress something that did not work out, and you may likely burn out because there are no boundaries. So, be sure to have limits because Jupiter and Neptune both retrograde in Pisces that expands our compassion. 

Venus in Virgo for Singles 

Virgo governs the nervous system and the intestines, and it might give you lots of anxieties in your stomach when it comes to a love affair. You may not express your love at ease under the Venus in Virgo energy. 

Although you may have attended some dates, you are still looking for the right person. That is because Virgo rules perfection. It could be your middle name now. If you have known any Virgoan, you know they are a perfectionist who loves to be organized, systematic, and practical. Despite the fact that not all Virgoans are perfectionists, they know what they want to achieve in life, including love. 

With that, you may feel the same with the Venus in Virgo energy. Without a doubt, you are a hardworking person who wants the best in life. However, you need to put down your judgmental opinion in love and be less well perfect at looking for the ideal lover. What makes a relationship work is to have the imperfection from two people and complement each other. 

Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus is in a good position. Love may come to you out of the blue at work or someone who works with you closely. Since both are an earth sign, you may feel this person is stable and practical. Also, Keep an eye open to new possibilities and have fun with them in the Leo season because Leo is a playful sign that wants us to enjoy life.   

Thanks for reading! Please share with me how Venus in Virgo affects you.  

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