Aries Season in 2021 : Be Bold and Fearless

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In the astrological New Year, Aries represents the new beginning of the solar calendar. Aries season starts on March 20th this Saturday, and along with the spring equinox, paving the way for a fresh start. 

Aries is a sign of action and self-assertive. When Sun in Aries, it wants you to feel bold and fearless with new beginnings and challenges. The sun visits each signs every 30 days or so. In each astrological season, you may feel the influence of the energy differently.

It is a great time to start a project or a new goal. 

After a dreamy Pisces season, you’re ready to unleash your creative power and stay focus like a laser beam in Aries season. With the Fiery Aries energy, you want to get your idea out of your mind and turn it into a side hustle project. Put your thoughts down on paper and make a mind mapping to your future business or side hustles project for the coming four weeks, and review them in the practical Taurus season. 

If you haven’t had a goal for 2021, it is time to plan one! People often urge to leave the house and have some outdoor activities, like, take a walk, run at the park or, have a family-friends gathering in Spring after a cold winter.

Unfortunately, with the Covid-19, people stay at home and are experiencing physical and mental health issues. With the optimistic Aries, you may want to develop a new habit or a new goal that improves your physical and mental health. Go on YouTube and find a dance workout that resonates with you, makes your body move.  

Do a spring clean for a fresh start. 

Spring is a perfect time to do a spring clean for a fresh start regarding your mind or house. It’s time to say “bye-bye” to whatever you’re holding up! Aries is the first sign, and it is about “I am”. With the Aries season, you want to prioritise yourself and paving the way for a new chapter.

Change is a process. Fearless Aries wants you to make a change for the better. So, don’t be afraid of a change. 

You might have heard of Marie Kondo. Not only that, Marie Kondo is the master of minimalist, and she teaches what joy means. Watch the first season if you want to know how she does it. Also, Marie Kondo has officially announced her new Netflix series – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo season 2, and it is coming in this summer. 

 Take time to love yourself.  

Aggressive Aries can be impatient, sometimes. It wants to get things done quickly, and you might feel more anger in this season when things aren’t going your way. It is also the best time to understand your anger issue. What trigger your emotion? What makes you angry? Honestly, it is alright to be angry, but you need to know why and learn to shift the furious energy that will not affect your relationship with loved ones. Write them down or talk to someone who you trust. Learn to release the anger with a healthy method.

In addition to that, loving yourself is vital to yourself and your relationship. Take time to do a makeover, like a new hairstyle, have a spa day. Throw away your ex-belonging if you have to! Cheeky Aries wants you to have self-love!

Thanks for reading! Stay joy and healthy!  

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