Full Moon in Capricorn 2021

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Full Moon in Scorpio in May had made us highly anxious, along with Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. In June, another full moon may make us feel hindered, which is at its “fall” placement in restricted and disciplined Capricorn. This Full Moon is in Capricorn on June 24th, the day before Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. 

Personal Conflict Between Home and Career

This week, our emotions may feel more sensitive and hindered than usual as Cancer represents our emotion with Capricorn’s opposite. When these two planets are polarity, it creates tension and confrontation between home and career. With that, personal conflict may likely arise. It would be best to overcome your egotistic and find the balance to fulfil your needs and responsibilities.

It is an excellent time to have closure with something no longer serve you in life, and you may feel torn between your home and career. Say goodbye to the toxic environment is not as difficult as you think. You are just being too comfortable there and feel insecure about leaving. Whether it is about your family relationship or being bully by a high authority, it is time to close the current chapter and start a new chapter with the help of Full Moon in Capricorn. The key between Cancer and Capricorn is to balance your personal and professional life. 

Feeling Pessimistic

You may all of sudden feel blue without reason that can overwhelm you. With Pluto Retrograde and Full Moon, both are in Capricorn, an unsettled career or work event may trigger your emotion that you suppressed long ago. It could be an unhealthy relationship with your parents that is yet to be restored. If that happens, do not run away again and face it. You could ask for help from a close friend to have a deep and meaningful conversation and how to overcome the issue. Get those problems out of your chest in this Cancer season

Also, work on personal transformation and understand your needs from the professional life with the help of Pluto retrograde. It focuses on our healing and cleansing. Learn to remove yourself from destructive environments, especially when it relates to your career or office. Do something you love that satisfies your need. You have the power to change but do not have the abuse of power. 

How to make Full Moon wishes and commit to them 

  1. Take a moment to reflect on the past few weeks. The things that it worked and did not work. What have you accomplished? What needs to be improved for growth and expansion? 
  2. Once you have clarified, those have not come to completeness. You can release the energy by writing it down on paper and throw it in the bin. Keep a journal for success, growth, and expansion. 
  3. Make a space to celebrate your success or still calling in your dreams, move your body, and dance to your favorite music, so it brings more joy into your heart. 
  4. If the night sky is clear, get outside and have a moon bath at night let the moonlight touch your skin. It benefits our bodies, just like the sunlight, that we need Vitamin D.  
  5. Enjoy the full Moon and conjure a connection to the Divine! 

New Moon is about new wishes, and Full Moon is about commitment. 

Remember, it takes time to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

My wish to you – stay joy and healthy! 

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