Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

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This’s month, Full Moon in Scorpio is at its “fall” in the shadowy and transformative Scorpio on April 26th, Monday. It means that our emotion is likely to be more intense and feel unsettled for a few days, with no doubt that intimate Scorpio energy often brings high tension. You may feel overwhelmed and need a quiet moment to cool off. 

The Inner Self 

Scorpio is a highly protective sign, and Taurus is a self-value sign. So, this Full Moon in Scorpio that happens in Taurus season wants us to have closure with our inner self (the one that deep down in us) and help us transform ourselves into a better us. That being said, you are likely to struggle to open up your feeling since Scorpio does not like to be revealed, yet it gives you the power to learn to understand your feeling and what value you the most. 

The Sex Drive

The polarity sign of erotic Scorpio is sensual Taurus. When the Full Moon in Scorpio happens in the Taurus season (Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus), it gives us the power to balance the sensation and sexuality in our relationship with the loved ones. In other words, it challenges your sex desire that how you want to be touched and feel under the Full Moon in Scorpio in Taurus season. Are you a more sensual person or a more sexual person? 

How to make Full Moon wishes and commit to them 

  1. Take a moment to reflect on the past few weeks. The things that it worked and did not work. What have you accomplished? What needs to be improved for growth and expansion? 
  2. Once you have clarified, those have not come to completeness. You can release the energy by writing it down on paper and throw it in the bin. Keep a journal for success, growth, and expansion. 
  3. Make a space to celebrate your success or still calling in your dreams, move your body, and dance to your favorite music, so it brings more joy into your heart. 
  4. If the night sky is clear, get outside and have a moon bath at night let the moonlight touch your skin. It benefits our bodies, just like the sunlight, that we need Vitamin D.  
  5. Enjoy the full Moon and conjure a connection to the Divine! 

New Moon is about new wishes, and Full Moon is about commitment. 

Remember, it takes time to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

My wish to you – stay joy and healthy! 






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