How Does Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Affect You in 2021

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Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius that begins on May 23rd, and it lasts until October 10th for about 5 months. I’m not going to lie to you. We may feel worse and more restless because retrograde often wants us to slow down and review whatever we are doing. With Saturn retrograde, we could have extra problems with our karma too.  

Saturn in Aquarius 

Saturn is described as the social planet because you can view this planet with the naked eye from earth. It spends 2.5 years in one sign. We have already experienced the first taste from last year, March 21st, when the locked down happened in most countries and stayed until July 1st, 2020. However, Saturn is in airy Aquarius officially since December 17th, 2020, and will remain until March 7th, 2023 (two more years to go.) 

What Happened When Saturn in Aquarius 

Among the planets, Saturn is the master that teaches us, the soul, about life lessons in this lifetime. Aquarius is an unconventional, innovative, communal, individual sign. With Saturn in Aquarius, some may feel restrained to open up for the new experience and find it challenging to work with Saturn energy. With Aquarius, Saturn wants us to work on being more independent, innovative, and be more open to new experiences (Aquarius rules the future, too.)  

How Does Saturn Retrograde Affect You 

The structured Saturn retrograde in communal Aquarius wants us to find a new way of networking with people. Although we have been socially distancing with people, this retrograde energy encourages us to make new friends online (Aquarius rules technology.) We are likely to meet new friends who have a similar mindset. Distance might keep people away, but the heart will always stay together. 

Aquarius rules uniqueness and individuality. It could be an excellent time to work on those. Take a break and be introspective. Everyone is unique, and we are here on the earth for a reason. Obligation Saturn pushes you to reflect on yourself and wants you to be a better self that makes change for the community. Your old karma may occur, and Saturn wants you to work on it under the retrograde energy. 

We have been witnessing the sudden change from economic shakeups to the global COVID-19 pandemic since early January 2020. It has impacted many well-known companies or family-owned businesses that are either closed or downsized. Without a doubt, Saturn is a death and rebirth planet that bring changes to our life. Since Aquarius represents the future and innovation, it wants to slow down and work on innovative ideas that impact people’s lives in the future under the Saturn retrograde. Interestingly, Netflix production has made a documentary regarding saving the ocean, Seaspiracy, under the Jupiter in fluid Pisces energy. 

The relationship of Saturn and Uranus in 2021

Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus brings disruption and a life change to the world. 

This transit will happen three times a year in 2021. We had the first Saturn and Uranus transit on February 17th, and coming to the second transit on June 14th, this time, Saturn retrograde that square Uranus. This transit is likely to be super intense as both are conjoined at 13 degrees. The last transit is on Christmas Eve, December 24th. 

With the second transit on June 14th, we may feel the changing energy even stronger with the Saturn retrograde. With that, We have to find ways to balance the old and the new. Also, learn to work on what is not working and how to improve internal and external issues. 

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