I started a business without a website

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I started my teaching business in 2006 without knowing where my business could be in the future. During that time, I did not know how to run a business, how to build my website, how to promote my business on social media or how to network with locals. It seemed like I had a map in my hand without a compass to direct me where to go. So here is my story…

At the age of 18, my future was uncertain because my parents wanted me to go to university and graduate with flying colours so I could have a high paying job with a decent lifestyle, just like everyone else in Asian society. However, on the other hand, I knew I wanted something different in life such as traveling around the world or experiencing new things before going to university. So, I had my first backpacking experience in Australia for a month, and I explored many interesting places where I had learned different cultures and made many different nationality friends who had become my friends now.

The teaching business had started after I came back from my backpacking in Australia because I did not know I wanted to become a teacher until my friends or former students suggested I should. So, I made a simple job flyer where it said “Interested in learning Chinese, English or Cantonese” with a bit of personal information given. I posted them on the Starbucks’ notice board and clubs and hoped someone would inquire about the lesson from me. After a week, I received a call from a Japanese lady interested in learning Chinese, and she lived nearby. I was overjoyed because I had my first students at the age of 18 and that was how I started my teaching business unintentionally without a business plan or a website. For the first time, I felt I could achieve more and wanted to help more people in life, so, I told my parents and friends I started a teaching business, and everyone thought this was my part-time job because I was still a freshman. They never took my words seriously. This meant I did not receive the support I needed from them, and I did not even know what “Entrepreneur” meant. However, I knew nothing about running a business. 

I never gave up on teaching because I had received a lot of new requests from word of mouth over a course of the period. Although I relocated to Brisbane, I taught languages to high school students and  Australian mature students to earn a living while I was studying Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland. However, my teaching business has grown over the time, and I taught more than one hundred students in 2010.  Frankly, I could not believe that I have taught so many students over the 4 years. I did not think that my unintentional teaching business would grow so fast, and I knew it was time to take it seriously because my former students suggested I should become a qualified language teacher and help more students to become more confident, courageous and happy in life, work and study, just like them. So, I took their advice and changed my course to Bachelor of Arts and majored in Chinese and Japanese. Also, in the same year, I obtained a Graduate Diploma in Education as a secondary in 2013 without hesitation because I knew it was my gift to be a great teacher.  

Frankly, I made many mistakes in my teaching business because I had no knowledge of how to build a business but I have done a lot of trial and error so I could learn from my mistakes to build my teaching business to where it is today. One of the errors I made was not building my website earlier. I have worked with 6 web designers and developers over the course of 6 years, and I had spent thousands of dollars on websites, which did not turn out to be what I wanted. It was a painful process because I had zero knowledge of website design and development. However, I am glad I learned those mistakes and made the current website look exactly how I wanted it to be now. 

I might not have a website to run my business, but my business has grown, and I have taught thousands of students and worked with different educational industries over a period of 10 years. First off, I did not believe I was running a business, and I had to convince myself this is my business and my job. In fact, I have been running a successful teaching business and earning a decent salary before I graduated. Trust me; it is not an easy task, but as long as you believe in yourself no matter who you are or where you are, you can do it. 

So now, I am presenting you my first website after 10 years of teaching. I hope my story inspires you. Please browse my website and you might find something that interests you. Also, I will be interviewing the most inspirational entrepreneurs, travelers, language learners, and parents to share their expanded world with you on “Expand Your World Show” podcast. Additionally, I will be making videos on YouTube to share my expanded, explored and experienced world with you, and writing some interesting stories and case studies of my former students. 

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