Mars in Cancer 2021

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The fiery Mars is meeting watery Cancer on April 23rd, Friday, and it remains until June 11th, Friday, for about seven weeks. Mars is at its “fall” in Cancer. In other words, the presence of Mars in Cancer energy makes people feel more inhibited with expression and may feel trapped in a rabbit hole. 

Your Moodiness 

Mars is the planet of action and pursuit, and initiation is its middle name, whereas Cancer is a caring, sensitive, emotional sign. It is ruled by Moon, your emotion, and feeling. When fire meets water, it puts you in a dilemma situation that makes your emotion either passive or aggressive over a specific state. 

To feel happier in life, you need to be direct and express your feeling positively. If you have been hiding your emotion passively, it is time to release it by taking up an online yoga class if the social distance is a problem or making a change in life. Your action matter! You will likely feel happier when you know how to manage your emotion positively. 

More Family-Oriented Moments  

Although many countries have lifted the social distance protocol, the new cases will likely be rise again in the next few weeks under the Mars in homey Cancer energy. More people are concerned and likely to stay and work from home. You may feel torn due to the possible lockdown again. If it happens, Mars in Cancer challenges you to act as a sail that goes through wind and waves. You could spend more time with your family and learn to have a healthy relationship with the loved ones during the Taurus season. Taurus is a sign of grounded and favors pleasure. 


Mars rules “action,” and Cancer rules “nurturing.” With Mars in Cancer, it tells you to take good care of yourself by nurturing yourself. 

If you have known anyone who is a Cancerian, this person can be highly emotional and moody. By looking at the symbol, you know it is a crab who loves to isolate itself from everyone and stay at its sweet home. With the Mars in Cancer energy, it teaches us to work on emotion and self-nurturing. 

As you know, more people have mental illness due to the Covid-19 and the lockdown that happened in 2020. Since then, we are advised to stay home and avoid social situations, with almost zero contact with the outside world. It does make us feel restricted by the social distance. However, it is an excellent time for self-caring and loving under isolation time. 

How does Mars in Cancer affect you in your sign? 


Your emotional energy may surge when you learn to be less impulsive. Listen to your heart and what it tells. 


If things didn’t go the way you want, let it be! Don’t let stubbornness take over you. Think with your mind. 


Enough with the talk. Start to take action, or else nothing will happen. Have faith in your belief and be confident with your decision. 


Learn to manage your emotion and be more direct with feeling. It can be good energy to start something new in life. 


It may be time for you to slow things down. Work on your inner self and spend more alone time to see what you truly want in life. 


Step out of the comfort zone and accept the change! Work on your overanalysis, and be more initiative. 


Focus on yourself and own the stage like you are the queen! The world needs to see your masterpiece, share them with the world. 


You may feel less intense and more optimistic with a new adventure that comes to you. 


Prioritize yourself. You are likely to focus on a transformation that you want in your life. 


It may be a time for you to care. You are likely to focus more on others than yourself in a relationship. 


You are often busy with people things. However, it is time for you to take care of your physical self and maintain a healthy daily routine. 


Fun time! It is time for you to connect your heart and be more joyful. Move your body like a dancing queen! 

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment and share with me how does Mars in Cancer affects you.  

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