Mars in Gemini 2021

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♊️ Mars in Gemini starts today, March 4th, and it is going to stays in Gemini until April 23rd for about seven weeks. Mars is the planet of action and pursuit, and it is a restless red planet. Since Gemini rules travel, teaching, communication, marketing, and media, people are likely to feel less restricted with the short distance travel with the mars energy. Keep in mind that it is just a “short-term” during the transition.
💖 If you are looking for a new opportunity or thinking of having an online business, it is your time to rise and shine. When Mars is in Gemini, it also tells you to speak your mind and be more open up with your idea. Don’t be afraid of telling what you want or share your thoughts. Be more assertive with your words. On the downside, Mars energy can be quite impulsive, and your words could hurt someone easily. So don’t headbutt someone for no reason.
😉 It is time for those who want to leverage their social media and be more active with the help of Mars in Gemini energy. You will be surprised. People will start noticing you and began to interact with you. Perhaps, a new collaboration happens when you share your thoughts on one of the social media platforms.
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