Mars in Virgo 2021

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By the end of July, we may feel intense because three planets are moving into another sign. Mercury is entering Leo on July 27th, and Jupiter retrogrades, reverting to Aquarius on July 28th. Now, Mars in Virgo begins on July 29th, and it remains in the earthy sign until September 15th. All happen in 3 consecutive days, just like the week of July 19th.  

With Mars in Virgo that happens in Leo and Virgo season, we may feel supercharged, and our minds are restless. Mars is the planet of pursuit and action that gets you going and doing. Virgo is an earth sign that Mercury rules. It means our thoughts are likely to spin around and feel thousands of things are loading in mind. Busy! Busy! 

Likely To Be Workaholics 

We are likely to pursue perfection when Mars in Virgo because Virgo is a sign that loves to analyze, plan, and organize. Regardless of how small it is, everything counts. You may all of a sudden become a detective who looks for every single detail under the Mars in Virgo energy. For this reason, you may easily burn out with the daily routine and the suspicious mind because you are putting so much pressure on yourself to get things to work the way you and be perfect to it in the Leo and Virgo season.

Virgo is the practical, detail-oriented, and problem solver sign in astrology. Mercury rules it. With that, when Mars and Mercury meet, it increases mental activity. You tend to stay focus on details and solve problems whenever you can. That possibly makes you a workaholic with Mars in Virgo in Leo and Virgo season. It isn’t easy to get your mind to slow down after two months of being subtle. 


With Mars in Virgo in the Leo and Virgo season, we need to calm the monkey mind, or else you may have a mind explosion that causes health issues. Since Virgo rules anything related to Do-It-Yourself crafting, it is an excellent time to shift your mind to do some DIY jobs or enjoy a hobby to quiet your monkey mind. You could start an online community that shares similar interests as you with the help of Jupiter in Aquarius. It is the internet world now, and it changes the way of making new friends. Having an online community that shares and exchanging information helps slow down our monkey mind in this hectic season. 

Another great way to slow down your monkey mind is to work with nature, especially gardening. Perhaps, you could grow organic vegetables or support the local farmers to help you stay away from the busy life. With that, you may discover a new journey in life. Since Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, both earthy signs, will bring you a unique opportunity to be a change-maker of your life to experience new activities, like DIY, or a practical and stable lifestyle. 

Your Wellness & Health 

I mentioned earlier, Mars in Virgo may bring hectic energy to your life in Leo and Virgo season. You feel like your plate is full of works and errands. Hence, you may tend to be a restless workaholic. As Virgo governs the stomach and nerve system, we may feel most of the stress from our daily life makes us intense and nervous. In consideration of that, it may affect your health issue, especially the stomach. Be sure to have a proper meal at lunch or dinner to stay fit and well in Leo and Virgo season. 

From time to time in Leo and Virgo season, you may feel disappointed in life due to self-deception with the Neptune in Pisces energy. Being a perfectionist may find disappointment and loss uneasy because they have a strong desire to analyze, plan, and organize with Mars in Virgo. Learn to let go of things that did not work out. You did your best, and sometimes life is as perfect as you think because we can control the outcome but learn to enjoy the process. Therefore, it is an ideal time to conserve your energy through a creative or spiritual vent. 

Thanks for reading! Please share with me how Mars in Virgo affects you! 

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