Mercury in Aries 2021

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Mercury, the planet of communication, is leaving dreamy Pisces and is meeting fearless Aries this Saturday, April 3rd, until April 19th before it moves to Taurus. Easter is just the next day. More people will feel joy when they are connected with their loved ones! 

Sun, Venus & Mercury in Aries

Under the Aries energy with Sun, Venus (in Aries), and Mercury, your soul, mind, and love want you to be more independent, more assertive with your personal life and dare to speak up with your mind. It is the time to start fresh and be more direct with your life purpose. Although three months have gone quickly, you still have nine months to go, so take time to plan.

Your Words Are Powerful

Aries rules, “I am.” Mercury rules the mind. Mercury in Aries makes you think with your head. You say what you say without a pause. More people will declare the “I am” word for themselves, and the “I am” word will likely be spoken and heard more often in the next few weeks! For instance, more Asians are no longer silent about Anti-Asian Racism. Under the Mercury in Aries, your words will make you more fearless and bold. 

Think Before You Speak

On the downside, you have to think before you speak. Under the Mercury in impatient Aries energy, it is easy to light the fuse in a communication. A healthy argument is good, sometimes. However, arguing aggressively with your loved one could damage the relationship. Learn to speak with a witty mind when you disagree with someone at work or home. Don’t take it too personally when it comes to an issue. Open up your mind and listen before you speak. 

Learn to Deal With Stress 

With Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini energies, you may experience self-doubt, stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in the next three weeks. 

Mars and Mercury are the most bitter companion. Mars wants to act, and Mercury wants to think. Under these energies, you are likely to experience the conflict between your mind and act. It may give you a headache when it comes to decision-making. 

Take some time off and find out what stresses you out! Try to answer these questions and be honest with them. 

  • Is it money? 
  • Is it love? 
  • Is it a health issue? 
  • Is it a family relationship? 
  • Is it work? 

What action needs to be taken, so it helps you to reduce your stress? You don’t have to be perfect as long as you are honest with your feeling. You could talk it out with a close friend who you trust, do exercise to release the anger, hit the golf ball as far as it is possible! 

If you want to know how more about yourself through astrology, please book a session with me. 

Stay joy and healthy!

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