Mercury in Gemini 2021

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It is time to put the focus on your thinking and communication.

Mercury moves into Gemini on May 3rd, and it is going to be in chatty Gemini until July 11th for almost two months. However, Mercury retrograde in Gemini starts on May 29th, and it ends on June 22nd. We may experience the mental energy flow inbound and outbound in the next two months. 

Intellect Mercury is a fast-moving planet of the messenger, and it represents our mind and thoughts. Gemini is an airy sign, and Mercury rules it in astrology. That being said, Mercury is at its best placement with the witty Gemini, and it associates with all forms of communication from in-flow to out-flow intelligence.    

How We Think and Express  

Under the Mercury in Gemini energy, we tend to share more ideas and exchange information with people. We are likely to think and speak clearly and can easily explain our thoughts and ideas directly. It is the best time to bring your business idea or an innovative solution to the table now. 

People are more curious to find out what you offer with the Mercury in Gemini energy. Also, you may get a collaboration opportunity from some companies that you have wanted for some time. It is time for your voice to be heard.       

In addition to that, people will bring lots of ideas and plans to work and want more engagement with technology, especially social media. We are likely to hear more voices from social media regarding humanity issues, from anti-racism to climate change.  

How We Communicate 

Mercury is the planet of communication, and Gemini governs “media and technology.” Despite online communication in a surge since the pandemic happened, we may want to be more connected actively through communication platforms, such as voice calls, video meetings, messaging with friends and siblings.  

If you love writing, journaling is a great way to express your feeling. With Mar in Cancer, we may have a strong desire to write our emotions on paper. When you express your emotion through words, you may experience a feeling that makes you wonder what reality is and what illusion is. 

Hang On With Your Travel Plan

Frankly, Mercury in Gemini is a perfect time for a short-term travel plan. However, it is unlikely to happen under Mars in Cancer energy because Mars is at its “fall” placement with Cancer. As the new cases are rising again, we may feel homier and are advised to work and study from home for the time being.  

Our life is no longer the same since the pandemic happened in 2020. When teacher Saturn is networking Aquarius, it has restricted our social life and challenges us to adapt to the new lifestyle.  

Under the influence of Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini, both air signs are sextile on May 12th. People may learn to use technology effortlessly and feel encouraged to be active on the communication platform.  

Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde in Gemini on May 29th, and you may feel different with your thoughts, communication, and technology during the Mercury retrograde. 

Once again, thanks for reading! Please let me know how does Mercury in Gemini affect you! 

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