Mercury in Pisces 2021

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Mercury is leaving Aquarius and joining dreamy Pisces on March 16th, Tuesday. It is going to stay in imaginative Pisces for about three weeks, till April 3rd. Mercury in Pisces comes just after a powerful new moon in Pisces on March 13th, Saturday, and it is moving its way to meet Sun, Venus, Neptune in Pisces for the week.

By the time Mercury in Pisces, our thought process is more influenced by emotions and sensitivity. With the magical Pisces energy, you are intrigued by anything related to psychic or mysterious events.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and it rules the throat chakra. When Mercury, the mind master, swims in the compassionate Pisces, it wants you to speak up with your heart. If you have been struggling to speak up or finding your inner voice, you could speak with your heart and communicate through the arts, poetry, music, and words.

Mercury also governs the mind. When Mercury in the two-sided fishy head, Pisces, it is a scattered influence on the mind. The reality might become blurry, or your dream will become vivid. Let your mind flow into the dreamy world and allows the universe to speak to you. Find your intuition through your inner voice.

Mercury in Pisces wants you to visualize your future. If you are having a difficult time, believe in yourself that you can make a change. It is pretty easy to have a victim mindset under the influence of Pisces. Open up your heart and speak up for yourself!

Essentially, embrace your creative side and allows yourself to fantasize about the future that you want and be open to new possibilities. Anything is possible as long as you believe in it. Miracle happens!

Stay joy and healthy!

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