Mercury in Taurus 2021

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Our thoughts begin to slow down and have a more practical conversation under the Taurus energy

Mercury is leaving Aries and joining the Taurus on April 19th, Monday and will stay in the fixed sign until May 3rd, Monday. Mercury is the planet of communication, and it usually lasts in one sign for about two – three weeks. You are likely to feel the sensual Taurus energy when the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are in Taurus.

When Mercury in Aries, the conversation between two people or a group often seems like an egg hit on the rock. You are asked to think before you speak to avoid conflict under the Aries energy. However, when it comes to Taurus, you want to have an ongoing and more practical conversation. People are happier to have small talk. 

Family & Friends

Taurus rules “throat” in the chakras. It wants your voice to be heard. If you love singing, it is time to have a karaoke session with your family and friends, or you can sing on Smule with someone to recharge your love language through voice. Be sure to enjoy the wonderful moment because Venus rules Taurus, and Taurus is a party queen. 


 It is an excellent time to build a harmonious relationship by taking someone out for a lunch or dinner date under Venus in sensual Taurus and be more open to communicating with them under Mercury in loving Taurus. It wants you to be a good listener and talk openly. 


Taurus rules “your job.” It is what you do for a living and pays your bills. When Mercury is in the hardworking Taurus, you may get recognition and receive compliments at work or give your subordinates compliments which have done an incredible job. 

Negotiation is much better with Mercury in reasonable Taurus energy because people are willing to listen and negotiate their deals at the meeting. Unlike the Mercury in Aries, people prone to have challenges when they try to close a deal. 

How does Mercury in Taurus affect you in your sign? 


It is a great time to boost up your self-value. Think of the value that you want in your job, and make a practical plan to succeed. 


Act like a charging bull and stand up for yourself. Your voice matter now! If you are in love with someone, tell them how you feel. If you think you are undervalued, ask for a raise in your pay. 


Avoid unclear messages if it is possible. You are prone to speak unclearly with your thoughts. Write down your thoughts on a paper before you convey the message. 


You are likely to talk openly about what you care for your community that benefits others.  


Affirmation is what you need now, and you are likely to receive compliments from your leaders or supervisors out of the blue.  


A long-lost friend may reconnect with you. 


Activate your sensuality, whether it be in a film, fiction, or dance. 


It is an excellent time to close a deal or sign a contract with your potential clients. 


Communication becomes more practical and productive at work. 


Learn to give affirmations to loved ones or someone you care about at work. 


Being away from home is not easy. Try to connect with your family members on WhatsApp or FaceTime, and tell them how you feel. 


Journaling is a great way to know what you have experienced and find out what you love clearly. 

Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment and share with me how does Mercury in Taurus affects you.  

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