New Moon in Pisces 2021

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If you are having an indecisive moment and need guidance, New Moon is just at your doorstep. It’s going to be in Pisces on March 13th, this Saturday. New Moon is all about a fresh start, and Pisces is the sign of dream, subconscious, intuition, let go. The new moon in Pisces gives you the power to let go and be more inspired with your dream. 

 How to make new moon wishes and manifest them

1. Please take a moment to turn inward and consider what we want to call into our lives.

2. Write down the things in your life you wish to call. It could be a job opportunity, a relationship, healthy eating – you name it.

3. Now, make a space for what you truly desire, sit quietly, and visualize your desire coming to manifestation.

4. Recheck it with your new moon wishes a month later to see how much you’ve achieved them.

5. Enjoy the new moon and conjure a connection to the Divine. 

New Moon is about new wishes, and Full Moon is about commitment. Remember, it takes time to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

My wish to you – stay joy and healthy! 

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