New Moon in Taurus 2021

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Last month, New Moon in Aries was about taking the first step and be more initiative. This month, New Moon in Taurus is on May 11th, Tuesday, and it is at its best placement where the moon represents “emotion,” and Taurus governs “stability.” It makes us feel grounded and present. What’s more – New Moon in Taurus conjoins with Sun in Taurus on the same day. It gives us the Taurus energy to feel grounded and secure with ourselves. 

Improve Your Self-Value and Self-Worth

Taurus governs “self-value.” It is an excellent time for you to think of your self-value. Living in a busy world, we are likely to drift away from our value and lost ourselves, so it is a perfect time to think and give yourself the value that you want in life under the New Moon in Taurus energy. 

Many people often underestimate themselves at work. It is essential to know your self-value and self-worth in the workplace. If you want to ask for a raise in your pay or get a promotion, write down your wishes on New Moon in Taurus, and manifest them in the next six months. It would be a Full Moon in Taurus (Lunar Eclipse). 

Improve your stability and security     

Taurus is known for the stability and security. If you’ve started a new idea, New Moon in Taurus tells you to be more practical with your plan and be persistent with it that is likely to bring stability and security to your life in the future. Make it happen. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.      

Besides, Taurus governs “daily habits,” and New Moon is about the beginning. The New Moon in Taurus energy wants you to create a beneficial habit that helps you be a better self, such as changing your sleeping hours. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus, both planets are in diligent Gemini, activates our mental. It could be an excellent time to enroll in some self-development courses that helps you at work. 

How to make new moon wishes and manifest them

1. Please take a moment to turn inward and consider what we want to call into our lives.

2. Write down the things in your life you wish to call. It could be a job opportunity, a relationship, healthy eating – you name it.

3. Now, make a space for what you truly desire, sit quietly, and visualize your desire coming to manifestation.

4. Recheck it with your new moon wishes a month later to see how much you’ve achieved them.

5. Enjoy the new moon and conjure a connection to the Divine. 

New Moon is about new wishes, and Full Moon is about commitment. Remember, it takes time to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

My wish to you – stay joy and healthy! 

Happy New Moon in Taurus Manifesting! 

Thanks for reading! Please let me know how does New Moon in Taurus affect you? 

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