Taurus Season in 2021 : Be Practical and Consistence

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In the astrological calendar, Taurus is the second-star sign that happens to be in the mid-Spring when the earth becomes green, colorful, and lively again. Taurus season starts on April 19th through May 20th, 2021, and Earth Day happens on April 22nd every year. Interestingly, Taurus is an Earth sign. 

Coincidentally, chatty Mercury in Taurus happens on the same day as Sun in Taurus on April 19th. Now, we are fully engaged in the sensual Taurus energy, helping us prioritize. Taurus is a sign of possession and self-value, and it favors pleasure, beauty, luxury because Venus rules Taurus. When Sun in Taurus, it wants you to be more practical with your action plan that you made in Aries season and turn your attention to building in the next 30 days. 

Sun – Uranus in Taurus 

The planet of the Sun, MercuryVenus, and Uranus are all in the slow-moving Taurus in the next two weeks.  

You may experience the ebb and slow energy in this Taurus season because the self-centered Sun in Taurus is meeting disruptive Uranus in Taurus on April 30th, Friday. Uranus is a planet of change, whereas Taurus is more grounded and present. When Sun and Uranus meet, it challenges you to branch out of your comfort zone to embrace the change you are desperately craving inside of you. 

Activate Your Sensual Side. 

As seeds begin to sprout and flowers begin to bloom. Romantic Taurus encourages you to have a sensory experience that brings the sweetness memory to you. Now is time to explore the sensual side — rich foods, luscious and fragrant wine, and leisure time with your loved ones are what Taurus that ruled by Venus, is all about! 

With the sensuality of Taurus, how can you be more physically attractive and be more open to receiving love? A Taurean loves to be touched, and the love language often is physical touch by hugging. It teaches you what beauty is, and learn to love your body in all shapes. Learn to cultivate your senses with your loved one under the Taurus season. 

Indulge Yourself Mindfully 

No matter how busy you are, you should treat yourself well at the end of the day. Patient Taurus is one of the best teachers that teaches what relaxation is among the 12 astrological signs, and it teaches you to enjoy life while you have a busy day. However, sometimes, with the tasteful Taurus energy, you are likely to squander your money to enjoy life’s pleasures when you feel insecure in life. Be mindful to spend with a practical purpose. Plan your budget with budgeting apps on your phone to know how much you spend. 

Spend on quality, not quantity. Materialistic Taurus season is an excellent time to invest in quality objects that improve your lifestyle and relationship. For example, a soft, sensuous mattress to improve your sleep or a crafted dining table for your guests and family when they come to your house. Without hesitating, Taureans love to make their guests feel at home that teaches us what hospitality is. 

Thanks for reading! 

Stay joy and healthy!  


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