Venus in Aries 2021

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Love is what we need now! The world needs it too! 

Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Aries is the passionate, furious, impatient sign. When Venus in Aries, it is not the best placement due to the conflict when both energies are pulled away. In other words, Venus in Aries is tough love! It starts on March 21st, Sunday, and it will stay until April 14th before it moves to Taurus. 

Venus in Aries for couples. 

If you have known anyone’s natal chart with Venus in Aries, you know how challenging and passionate they are. If you are in an unhealthy relationship and want to take a detour, it is time to step up your A-game! Having Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini, you may feel the energy that wants you to be more assertive in your relationship through your voice. Or, you could pack your bag and leave. Under these energies, you may feel more conscious of your higher self.   

Venus in Aries for singles.

If you are single and afraid of being in love, don’t be! Playful Aries wants you to know that you can have fun. With Venus in Aries, it tells you to meet someone and go on a date. Be fearless and dare to love again! Remember, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You might have a bad relationship and not trust anyone. Still, Aries energy gives you the power to assert what lover you are, and Venus is all about love and relationships. It shows what type of lover you are attracted to in a relationship. Dare to love again!   

It’s all about self-love. 

Take time to love yourself in this Venus in Aries energy. You may feel intense and feeling angry with some disappointments in life. It happens. Life often gives us a tough time, but it also teaches why we should love ourselves despite the tough time. Given the Aries represents “I am,” I want to give you some affirmations under the Venus energy. 

  • I prioritise my self-care because I want to have a healthy relationship with myself. 
  • I release self-absorption and egocentric mental blocks because I want to be better. 
  • I acknowledge my mistakes to do better as I know better. 

Off-topic on the side note. I know it’s been a tough week for most people, especially the Asian. I feel sad about the incident.  

The parallel side of love is hate! When love doesn’t exist, we might project hatred. It causes the thin line between love and hate in the human brain. If only more people understand what love is and how we want to love and be loved. Everything comes from the heart and how we see the world. 

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