Venus in Taurus 2021

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Venus finally has arrived in Taurus. Let’s feel the love again! 

Venus in Taurus starts April 14th, Wednesday, and will remain in this earth sign until May 8th, Saturday. Taurus is a sign of affection and sensuality. When the love and relationship Venus meets Taurus, it is well exalted. 

Attain Your Sentiments 

If you have been experiencing a tough love in furious Aries season, don’t worry! Romance is in the air again. During this loveable Taurus season, you may feel extra sensual and loving. It is the best time for you to activate your five senses through visual, hearing, smell, taste, and touch because Taurus rules our physical body.   

Be Creative on Your Date Night

Since we are under the social distance protocol, asking someone out for a date could be challenging. So, it would be best if you had a plan B to execute your game. Be creative. Home-cooked is a great way to build up a relationship. Invite him or her over to your place and cook together! Not only do you know what this person likes, but you also get to know how well you both get along as a team in the kitchen. 

How does Venus in Taurus affect your love in your zodiac sign? 


You may feel overweight after the winter. So, you are likely to spend money on your physical body and want to feel more confident. It is a great time to pick up a new habit to build up your body.   


It can be an excellent time for you to think about what you love and what you want to do for your future. Sometimes, you can be pretty stubborn to make a change. Don’t be! Take this excellent energy to make a change for yourself.    


It can be a good time for you to let go of what’s not working in the relationship, so you have room for the new relationship that is to come. You may feel indecisive with your decision, and it is time for you to activate your senses to think instead of your mind.  


You may want to socialize and spend more time with your friends to catch up on what’s missing in the past few months because you care for them. You may find a new group of friends who share the same value as you. 


There can be big rewards awaiting you, and your hard work may finally paid-off at work. You can get recognition from your boss or out of nowhere. Build a career that you love and make progress to it.   


You may have a cross-cultural work relationship or involve in an international business. It is time for you to brush up on the foreign language to give you an extra point in your work. 


There may be a big transformation for you with people whether you are at work or home. You may work on your self-value and learn to shine for yourself. People will notice your work gradually. 


Working with people can be challenging, sometimes. You may need more attention to your relationship at work or home and be more compromising, fair, and diplomatic with them. If you are single, you may meet someone unexpectedly.   


You may feel more productive at work and are gaining knowledge at work every day. It could be a great time to show your love and support at work or home. In return, you may receive a reward. 


Expressing love is not an easy task for you. However, you may feel extra playful and want to focus on love. Let your heart guide you in a new relationship if you are single. Romance is on its way to you!  


Invite your family and friends over to your place and spend a lovely afternoon Sunday in your backyard. It can be a great time to show your love and support someone who is having a difficult time with family or children.      


Your love language is through communication. Tell the person how you feel and how you love and are beloved in a relationship. Another great way is to take someone out for a staycation to make the relationship better.    

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment and share with me how does Venus in Taurus affects you.  

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