EYW102 : Learn Asian Dialects and English with Sheena Yap Chan

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Sheena Yap Chan is the founder & host fo The Tao of Self-Confidence. She was migrated to Canada at the age of 7 and had to take ESL ( English as a Second Language ) lessons when moving to Canada. She is the girl who has been told she wasn’t good at anything, but she never gave up because she believes in herself and, now, She uses her podcast to help people find their inner journey to self-confidence so that they can start living a better life.

We talked about 

  1. The story of her heritage background 
  2. The difference between Filipino dialects
  3. The difference between Chinese dialects
  4. How she learn English as a second language in Toronto when she was a kid 
  5. Strategies to learn English and French 
  6. How she gain confidence in speaking English
  7. How she use English for her career 
  8. How to say Filipino and Chinese dialects sentences 

Keys to Success 

  1. Say the sentence aloud, if it doesn’t make sense, rewrite it and say again
  2. No overthinking when you are learning languages at a young age 
  3. Just talk like you speak when you are constructing a sentence
  4. Doing a small thing every single day that will get you to the destination where you want to be 
  5. Learning English could open up for everything like blogging
  6. Learn English by watching TV on the weekend 
  7. Use English every day and don’t be afraid to make mistakes 
  8. Surround yourself with people who speak English and help you to be better 
  9. Listen to podcast and keep listening to anything in English 

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Remember a small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent in your adventure! 

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