EYW 124 : When is the Best Season of the Year to Visit Japan?

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For this episode we are going to discuss which season is the best time to visit Japan. Is it summer or winter? Should it be the time when cherry blossoms are in full bloom? Or you just want to escape the heat? Listen and find out on today’s podcast. 

I talked about 

  1. What can you expect in Japan during summer, winter, autumn and spring
  2. Quick geography lesson
  3. Which part of Japan has the longest winter
  4. Which part of Japan has the greatest variation in weather
  5. Tips if you want to see cherry blossoms
  6. Travel tips that you should know first
  7. Do you love hiking or skiing? Check which season is the best for these activities

Keys to Success: 

  1. Know where you want to go, so you can decide what wardrobe to bring and when is the best time to go

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Remember a small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent in your adventure! 

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