EYW 125 : How to Build a Better Sentence in Chinese or Japanese

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For this podcast you are going to learn how to build a better sentence in Chinese or Japanese using bricks to bricks method.  You are going to learn too on the correct strategies to use. Listen on the podcast to learn all the tricks which can help you get to the intermediate level. 

I talked about 

  1. Why are you not improving in your Chinese or Japanese
  2. Strategies to try which surely work

Keys to Success: 

  1. Practice makes perfect. Spend time to study everyday, and use the strategies mentioned in the podcast
  2. Have a buddy to support you and learn with
  3. Don’t translate words in your head
  4. Its ok to make mistakes, but learn from your mistakes and do better next time

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Remember a small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent in your adventure! 

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