EYW129: How Emiko Rasmussen Overcame the Language Barrier in USA

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In this episode Emiko Rasmussen will share how she overcame the language barrier when she came to US and eventually embraced the English language. 

Emiko was born and raised in Japan and came to US as an international student in 2003. With lots of challenges and hard work, she had graduated as a honor student in her Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. Later on, she could not stop learning and she had earned Master of Arts in Organizational management. She has worked in a higher education industry for over 10 years and helping students to achieve their academic goal. She is also a mother of two and happily married for 9 years. Emiko loves being a mom and she believes that this is the best gift ever and she could not ask for more!

She empowers, motivate and inspires next generation Japanese global leaders and help them send off to the world with confidence. She is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals!.

We talked about 

  1. What she does for a living and more about herself
  2. How her kids became bilingual
  3. Why she wanted to come to United States
  4. Why she was disappointed when she first came to USA, and how she overcame it
  5. What did she learn about herself while living in the US
  6. How she adjusted when she went back to Japan and worked in the corporate world
  7. How she learned English, and techniques she used
  8. How she joined the conversation when she was new
  9. Advice for Japanese people who want to learn English
  10. Two interesting things about San Diego, California

Keys to Success 

  1. Don’t be afraid to be different, trust yourself
  2. Don’t be afraid to be honest and ask questions
  3. Its better to say something and be wrong than not say anything. 

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