EYW119: Living and Learning Languages to Near-Native Fluency with Frances Chan

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Frances Chan is a Taiwanese-American who is fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and French. She had discovered a technique on how to achieve a “near-native-fluency”  and she has started helping others on how to sound more natural and become a more native speaker. 

We talked about 

  1. Differences between Asian and European languages
  2. Dialects in Taiwan
  3. How she became interested in languages
  4. Why did she become interested in manga and anime
  5. How she started learning Japanese and continued until she’s older
  6. How she started learning Korean
  7. Some tips on pronouncing Korean
  8. Challenges she encountered in learning Japanese and Korean
  9. How many hours she spent studying 
  10. Careers available for language learners
  11. Great things to experience when you know another language
  12. Her techniques in learning a language, that others don’t use
  13. Useful tools you can download 
  14. Interesting facts about Taiwan that others do not know

Keys to Success 

  1. Learning a language is not an overnight success. You need to spend lots of time to learn 
  2. Define your goals for fluency. Is it for travel, is it for career?
  3. If you want to study abroad, figure out how language learning will fit to your 4 years in college

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