EYW121: How Gordon Craig Survived and Flourished in Japan

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Gordon Craig is an English language online learning coach.  He came to Japan and worked in a company then later established his own business. His life in Japan wasn’t a walk in the park, see how he overcame challenges, learned Japanese and now a successful entrepreneur. 

Currently Gordon Craig is the owner of ellc: English Language Learning Coach. He’s been living in Japan for over 9 years and studying languages for more than 15 years. Originally from the U.S., He was raised in a mutli-cultural and international family.

His interest and exposure to and interest in foreign languages and international affairs began at a young age. He would often accompany his mother to her hometown in the U.K. He also regularly communicated with his grandparents and family in England. After living in the U.K. for a short while, he returned to the U.S. to finish University.

His first professional career was in Banking. After experiencing corporate America and suburban life, he returned to his desire to live overseas and moved to Japan to be near his sister. Frustrated by gaps in traditional learning styles and looking to develop professionally, he studied online at the University of Leicester. It was there where he realized he didn’t want to teach in Universities. He left school and began the journey that is ellc.

If you’re frustrated by inefficient, ineffective, and antiquated courses, then join Gordon at ellc. You’ll develop more than just language skills.

We talked about 

  1. Why Fukuoka is not Japan
  2. What he does for a living in Japan, and life in Japan in general
  3. How smartphones can help you learn languages
  4. How he started his online learning business
  5. How he survived in Japan when he lost his job
  6. The best Japanese language book he ever had
  7. How he came to Japan and started working
  8. Advice on how to live and work in Japan
  9. How he personally developed after living in Japan for nine years
  10. The hardest challenge he overcame in Japan
  11. Can someone who already has a Japanese spouse still needs to learn the language?
  12. Golden advice if you want to live in Japan

Keys to Success 

  1. If you want to work in Japan, get the basics sorted out first (where to live, where to work)
  2. You need to learn the language by embracing the culture, go out and learn. Get involve in something that you like. 

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