EYW103: How Mary Meckley built her network in Japan

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Mary Meckley is the founder of Sip and Om and The Daily Meditation Podcast. She is a certified meditation teacher with a diverse background in all things peace and calm. She lived in Japan for five years studying Chado (Japanese tea ceremony), Ikebana ( the art of flower arrangement) and Feng Shui ( the art of space arrangement).  

We talked about 

  1. The story of living abroad 
  2. How She lived and worked in Japan from one year to five years 
  3. Strategies to find jobs and housing in Japan 
  4.  How she started learning Japanese & used 3 languages in Japan 
  5.  The difference between Japanese and Spanish language
  6. Advice for meeting Japanese and make new friends 
  7. How she formed a group and built her network in Japan 
  8. How she improved her Japanese over the stay in Japan 
  9. The history of Japanese tea ceremony 
  10. Tips to find Japanese tea ceremony in United State
  11. Advice to learn Japanese 

Keys to Success 

  1. Immerse yourself – join as many local groups as possible
  2. The more you put yourself out there, the more you will explore, the more you will build the association 
  3. Newspapers for foreigners and participate those events
  4. You have to make your own ways and set a goal to yourself out there
  5. You have to get used to the environment where you are unfamiliar 
  6. Have an Intercultural buddy, a travel buddy or a tour buddy to explore the local. 
  7. Truly not afraid of making mistakes, use the language   

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