EYW126: How Milena Nguyen Loves the Life She Lives and Expanded Her World

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Milena Nyugen is a writer, speaker, teacher and founder of Soulful Garden learning center. She has a zest in life and has expanded her world by travelling to 20 countries and learning their culture. In this episode listen to what she had learned and the golden nuggets of wisdom she provides to the listener. 

We talked about 

  1. Where she currently lives and what she does
  2. What her previous job was and what she had learned in her travels
  3. How is it that life is full of surprises
  4. How you could expand your world and know yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone
  5. How being young is a great opportunity to expand your world, gain experiences and learn
  6. Special techniques on how she learned English
  7. Her golden advice on relationships

Keys to Success 

  1. Know who you are and what you want
  2. See the world to learn more about yourself
  3. Always strive to develop yourself
  4. Do things now while you are still young and single. Don’t be concerned too much about the future, live in the present.

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