EYW117: How Ryan Sink Learned German and Helps Businesses in Germany

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Ryan Sink is the creator of Your Business in English. He helps people to present themselves more effectively in English. He’s from United States then later moved to Munich, Germany where he now lives with his family.

We talked about 

  1. How he helps businesses in Germany
  2. How Germany differs from United States
  3. How he started teaching English in Spain and Germany
  4. How he learned German
  5. Special techniques he used in learning German
  6. Difficulties encountered in using both English and German
  7. Common mistakes students make in learning German and English
  8. Tips on business interviews
  9. Advice on parents for teaching languages to their children
  10. Most frustrating part of learning a language as an adult
  11. Valuable experiences in his travels
  12. Interesting facts about Germany

Keys to Success 

  1. For those who want to start teaching English, do everything legally
  2. Don’t use your native tongue in trying to learn another language. 
  3. Let go of pride

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