EYW120: How Tim and Ness Help Enhance Relationships While Travelling

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Tim & Ness are a couple who dedicate their lives to learning, growing and leading in the area of relationships as they believe that it’s our relationships that bring us the most meaning & fulfillment in our lives.

After making the decision to leave their previous career paths and focus full-time on what it takes to create an extraordinary relationship, they started studying all things relationships, from psychology, to neuroscience, to NLP, to coaching, to the differences between men & women and also learning from their own pasts and from those couples who are living and breathing an extraordinary relationship.

They have a huge mission to help, serve and inspire couples from all over the world to create extraordinary relationships because it is their belief when you master your relationships, you can truly master your life!

We talked about 

  1. What they do for a living, and how they combine work with pleasure
  2. Their lives before they started their online business
  3. How they inspire couples to create extraordinary things
  4. Why they want to go to Europe
  5. Why they learned Thai language and how this language differs from others
  6. How they handle conflicts when travelling
  7. How they empower themselves on any time of the day
  8. Great things they experienced travelling as a couple

Keys to Success 

  1. Follow your passion, somehow your heart will tell you what path you should go
  2. Know what’s important to you and your relationship to create a stronger foundation
  3. Be clear on what you need to feel good, to feel right, and incorporate it into your life
  4. Create a vision and work together as a team with your partner

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