EYW101: How Vickie Eisenstein Speaks Korean Fluently

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Vickie Eisenstein is an actor, writer, comedian and filmmaker who speak Korean fluently. She made her television debut in South Korea on the hit show Global Talk Show in 2006.  Now, she is back to her hometown Chicago. 

We talked about 

  1. The journey to Korea
  2. How she got her teaching job in Korea
  3. How she learn Korean and changed her major from Chinese to Korean
  4. Strategies to learn languages 
  5. Book Recommendation 
  6. Tips on how to learn Korean 

Keys to Success 

  1. Use the language every day, even you are partying
  2. Learn Korea and Chinese by watching TV or movies 
  3. Learn with friends 
  4. Live in the country and speak with locals 
  5. Think in the language and speak in the language 
  6. Take an active role in your own learning 
  7. Consume, consume, consume – learn from everything as you can 
  8. Speak, speak, speak – the one-way dictionary from her teacher 

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Remember a small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent in your adventure! 

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