EYW123: Yann Ilunga’s Best Advice in Learning and Using Languages

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Yann Ilunga is a podcaster who helps people attain their dreams by providing them with highly actionable tips. He speaks 5 languages and is originally from Locarno, Switzerland. He is now living in Helskinki, Finland.  

We talked about 

  1. Four languages spoken in Switzerland
  2. Five languages that he speaks, what he uses most and what’s not
  3. European language that is most difficult to learn
  4. How did he become interested in learning languages
  5. How he learned languages and techniques he used
  6. Frustrations in learning languages
  7. Why having an accent should not discourage you from speaking English
  8. Frustrations experienced in travelling
  9. Interesting things about Helsinki that people don’t know

Keys to Success 

  1. Watch a movie, cartoon or anything in the language that you want to learn. 
  2. Use the language on a regular basis
  3. Try to think and process in the language you are trying to learn. Don’t translate it.

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